To and Fro, and Everything in Between – Self Drive Airport Cabs

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By Nidhi Mahajan

Commuting around a city can be a real time-consuming activity. Apart from the real purpose of the visit, travellers have to figure out the local transport options and at times, pay quite a premium for the most comfortable ride. Business and leisure travellers landing in Bangalore are now getting smarter and taking things in their own hands. Rather than choose the regular ‘book airport taxi’ option, smart travellers are opting for self drive at the airport. This gives them an end-to-end transport solution – not just a ride to and from the airport, but also a car which can be used for the entire trip.

Dodging Common Problems

A city like Bangalore is constantly expanding and distances to be covered from the airport are large. Regular cabs are expensive and once in the city, travellers have to negotiate things on their own for the rest of the trip. Cab services can be spotty during peak hours and susceptible to price surges. Public transport is not the most comfortable and does not cover all areas. Auto-rickshaws are not reliable – drivers often charge extra or take long routes to dupe unfamiliar passengers.

With a rental, people can deviate from these common problems and move around the city on their own terms at any time, to any place.

Privacy and Security

For solo travellers and those who are with family and female companions, a self drive rental from the airport is the perfect way to start the trip. There is extra space too which large groups can utilize to make the journey more comfortable. Car rentals provide a car with no questions asked. Night travel is not a problem when there is a car available 24/7.

An Efficient Trip

Car rentals are affordable and can help travellers save a lot of money. Rather than spend an uncertain amount of money on different transport options throughout the trip, a car rental assures better budgeting. Travellers picking up a self drive ride at the airport will not have to worry about how much to spend on buses, cabs and other modes of transport.

Time Saving

Car rentals also help travellers save time. They have total control over the pace of their journey – there is no dependency on someone else showing up on time. With a self drive rental, travellers can change routes or make stops as they wish. They can use their free time to explore new places in the city.

Convenient and Affordable

For those looking for a self drive airport pick-up and airport drop Bangalore has good options. App-based rental platform Zoomcar offers affordable rates and a wide range of cars. The drop point for the car is adjacent to the airport terminal, ensuring a hassle-free transit back.

Informed Indian travellers are no longer ready to compromise their time and comfort when it comes to mobility. Car rentals offer the freedom and privileges of a car owner, without the commitment. There is no comparison to being in control, behind the wheel.

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