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Guest Content Guidelines


India CSR Network (hereinafter referred to as “India CSR” / “We” / “Us” / “Our”) intends to familiarise you with the guidelines that relate to the publication of Branded or Sponsored or Guest content on the Website through this Guest Posts Policy.


For a media platform to be the voice of people, it is essential that its audience trusts it, which We believe, begins by being transparent with them, and therefore, editorial integrity becomes an indispensable value for such a platform.


The objective is to safeguard its editorial decision from any external influence. For Us, “branded content” and/or “Branded/Sponsored content” or “Guest Post” is that content which is either featured by a business associate or is influenced by them and such activity is done for an exchange of certain value. We drive Our revenue from the placement of advertisements on Our Website and Branded/Sponsored posts.


All required disclosures, disclaimers, and warnings in Advertainments must be clear and conspicuous, and advertisers must be accurately and clearly identified in the Advertainment.


When illegal, regulated, dangerous, violent or otherwise harmful elements are presented in a fictional, newsworthy or documentary context, we will review based on appropriateness for the targeted audience, and whether the fictional nature is clear enough to the user.

Sponsored, Guest Content Scope (General Posts)

We accept content related to CSR, Sustainability, Business Governance, ESG, Business Innovation, Product Innovation, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Finance, Financial Services, Education, Training, Leadership, Lifestyle, Insurance, Art etc.

Gaming, Gambling, and Lotteries (Sensitive Posts) 

Our Guests Post and Advertising Guidelines regarding the promotion of Gaming and Gambling Services apply to the promotion of online casinos, brick and mortar casinos, lotteries, daily fantasy sports, and any product or service (including online or mobile games) that asks to pay to play games of chance to win prizes with real-world value (“Gaming and Gambling Services”).


The Price of publishing a “Guest Post” or Sponsored Post depends on the nature of content.


Enquiry related to Sponsored/Guests Posts can be sent to


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