We aren’t very far from buying and selling human beings, says Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev 


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NEW DELHI: Speaking at the 14th edition of Hindustan Times Leadership Summit, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, Founder of Isha Foundation said that we have been a developing country for too long.

Sharing his opinion on Demonetization, Sadhguru said that it is one of the steps towards development. The counterfeit note percentage in India is quite significant, more than what the RBI admits to. Pocket full of cash is not the problem, but a warehouse full of cash is the problem. The immediate difficulties that we’ve may continue for another 3-6 months probably, especially for the businesses like gold and real estate and it’ll get balanced pretty soon. Black Money will not go away but 30-40% improvement in scene can be expected. It shall change our economy.

He also said that it is time when leadership needs to migrate from one’s ambition to a larger audience’s ambition.

“We aren’t very far from buying and selling human beings. Everything becomes a commodity when you are in conquest mode. If all 7.3 billion people become all ambitious, then we will end up consuming the world in two decades.” He further added.

Sharing his views on the Indian population and rural education, he mentioned that 60% of the Indian population is malnourished, which is a serious concern. The administration needs sufficient amount of wealth to overcome this, and which would come through taxation and that’s where we are heading. According to him, the scenario of Indian rural education is in dangerous situation.

The Hindustan Times Leadership Summit is a platform for the men and women who shape our tomorrow to converge under one roof. A place where visionaries lay out their blueprint for the future of the nation. It’s where the pioneers from different walks of life share a common stage and debate the way forward for our society as a whole. Heads of state, business tycoons, Nobel laureates and your favorite artists rub shoulders with each other. Anybody invited to the summit is not just the audience but a partner, a critical component of the machine that churns out the ideas for our collective future.

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