Promoting Zero Defect Zero Effect Production among MSMEs

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NEW DELHI: Foundation for MSME Clusters is organizing third Annual Award for Responsible Indian BMO on February 10, 2017 at India International Centre, New Delhi.

The objectives of the Award is to encourage Business Membership Organizations (BMOs) also called industry associations and Chambers of Commerce to promote responsible business practices among MSMEs, encourage the MSME support institutions to support BMOs to promote such activities, inspire MSMEs to adopt National Voluntary Guidelines (NVGs) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)​, disseminate nationally and internationally the best practices done by BMOs towards promoting “responsible practices among MSMEs”. All these will promote Zero Defect Zero Effect industrialisation for the country as a whole

The Award will recognize the good work done by BMOs, document those and propagate the case studies learning that promoted responsible production by reducing energy usage and environment concerns and promoting welfare of workers as well as local community.

​The Award 2017 is strategized to reach and influence millions micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in India by promoting the agenda of “responsible business” through 3500 BMOs, who are the most trusted ally of these MSMEs.

​Accordingly, the Award will reach this idea to over 1700 BMOs, all State Industries departments, over 600 District Industries Centers, relevant Central Government Ministries, banks and other support institutions.

The Awardees will be finalized based on decisions taken by an independent jury under chairmanship of SK Tuteja, former Secretary Ministry of SSI and ARI, supported by a team of independent assessors and evaluating agency.

​​On this occasion, a case study compendium of 15 responsible case studies ​of BMOs every year is also released.

There are opportunities to partner in the Awards in the form of sponsorship. The Awards provides an opportunity to reach 50 million MSMEs through BMOs partnering for the Awards, participate as a speaker presenting your product for MSMEs and interact with the BMOs present during the ceremony.

​More details of the Awards is available on​ or you can contact Neetu Goel on or call on 011-26602885/6