An Inspiring and Impactful Environment Day !

NEW DELHI: If we consider the situation of today’s era in terms of our environment and surroundings, the very thought that comes to our minds is that it is at a high risk of getting polluted with the advent of every passing second.

It is therefore important to conserve it, and this can be done by the environment’s best friends which are trees, since they are responsible for purifying the dirty air around us.

These important lessons and different ways of saving our mother earth were understood to us by different clubs on different platforms. Societies and Malls across Delhi NCR celebrated the day in their own way and pledged to preserve the environment.

The day at Mahagun Metro Mall was made special in such a way that the public present there was made to understand how important it is to preserve the environment and the ways in which it can be done. Almost 200 saplings were distributed among the people in the mall. The students of Gaur International School were enlightened with the knowledge of the perks of clean and green earth.

The enthusiastic children keenly listened to the speech of Manju Gaur, who explained to them the ill effects of certain pollutants of the environment and how one can control their usage. Almost 300 trees were planted.

In sector 78, the residents of Sikka Karmic Greens society were also given a lot of awareness regarding the relevance of the Environment Day, and along with it, even the workers were given plants. Around 200 trees were planted by the people.

In Indirapuram’s Saya Gold Avenue Society, the residents and workers were distributed approximately 300 saplings. The CMD of Saya Group was present in the event who explained the need to save the environment from certain substances and the ways in which it can be done.

On the other hand, CREDAI Ghaziabad also celebrated this day by discussing the ways and measures of spreading greenery among the societies. This was done through a meeting.  All the members of CREDAI group were present. The discussion was regarding the favorable steps for households that would make the surroundings better.

Some of the discussed measures were rainwater harvesting, solid waste management and usage of natural lights. The President of CREDAI spoke to us in this context and told that with the fast development rate of the city, CREDAI Ghaziabad is also managing to flourish along with it in every possible way.

All of these events were successful and elucidated people to do something better for their as well as for the upcoming generations as this day comes only once a year but is supposed to be celebrated 365 days a year.