Ericsson India celebrates Global Diversity Awareness Month

India CSR News Network

NEW DELHI: Ericsson, a leading global ICT player announced its global diversity month in October with its new global campaign “Ericsson sees the real you”, for its employees across the world.

The objective of the new campaign is to encourage employees to reach out to their higher self and embrace all the elements of diversity- culture, colour, age, gender, in order to nurture a truly inclusive work place.

In India, the campaign is a part of the ‘Blue River Project’ which was launched to sensitize the employees on diversity and inclusion and create a high performance culture.

As part of new global campaign, the company has created a virtual employee wall where their employees (across the globe) can send an image and description of themselves.

The idea behind it is to fight unconscious bias through challenging what people see in an image and who they really are. Other interesting elements include live music updates on their portal ( to showcase music as a universal language knowing no bias or boundaries. The campaign also includes a knowledge sharing session on ‘Thinking Inclusion’ to educate employees on driving inclusion in different Ericsson teams.

To visibly demonstrate championship, accountability and commitment, Ericsson India also invited key guest speakers-Aditya Tiwari (youngest male to adopt a child), Laxmi (Acid attack survivor and TV Anchor) and Alok Mittal (Lakshmi’s husband – journalist turned activist, who’s fighting for internet freedom & for the cause of Acid Attack victims) for sessions around Disability and Gender Balance.