We believe in sharing and caring, says R K Gupta of R K Marble

For the further public interest the foundation actively participates in organizing awareness camps as well.

R K Gupta, Executive President – Marketing, R K Marble Private Limited

NEW DELHI: Winning all the races to succeed in the marble sector, R K Marble has achieved almost every horizon and has already created new benchmarks for the rest of the companies dealing in the same sector.

Excavating marble from different quarries from India and Vietnam and importing marble from different parts of the world, R K Marble is serving its consumer needs in a king size.

R K Gupta, Executive President – Marketing, R K Marble Private Limited says, according to the founding members of R K Marble and Ratanlal Kanwarlal Patni Foundation, No one has ever become poor by giving and this philosophy was among the founding philosophies of Ratanlal Kanwarlal Patni Foundation.

“We believe in sharing and caring. Feeling of giving makes us human and the beauty is not who we are to the rest of the world, it is the understanding and effort we do in order to save and relieve some other soul like you”, Gupta added.

Under the umbrella of Ratanlal Kanwarlal Patni Foundation, R K Marble Private Limited has reflected their interest doing philanthropy works for the public interest and started their medical facilities under the protection of the foundation.

Extending the social welfare activities in the field of medical services, the foundation provides financial assistance for the needy patients in order to get the medicines and treatments.

Every year the foundation organizes various eye camps, ENT camps and a special camp for differently abled people.

With the help of R K Marble Private Limited, the foundation has successfully constructed one blood bank in the Government Y.N. Hospital, located in Kishangarh, Rajasthan. And taking a step more to the noble cause, the foundation has donated hospital buildings in Rajsamand district at various locations.