Health is wealth, GMRVF initiatives in Kamalanga area


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DHENKANAL: In order to help the families and communities to attain optimal health status in GMR Kamalanga Energy Limited periphery area, GMR Varalakshmi Foundation(GMRVF)–the CSR arm of GMR Group has been undertaking health and hygiene program since last five years. One of the reasons why the health program was implemented was to address the issue of access as the local PHC is located at a distance of 15 KM from the periphery villages.

gmr csr in healthWomen frequently report malnourishment and anaemia during pregnancy and lactation. Therefore women are targeted as special group of beneficiary and a comprehensive health programme was developed for them which include specialised health camps for ante natal and post natal check- ups. Specialised health camps are organised once in a month in each village for pregnant, lactating women and children and treatment provided to 400 cases, at an average per month, by specialist doctor.

Similarly health needs of senior citizens (above 60 years old) are being taken care of by organising exclusive health camps for aged population. Facilities to measure blood pressure and treatment for orthopaedic and other minor diseases are made available at the camp. Apart from checking the patients, the doctor advises the senior citizens about how they should maintain their health regularly. Every month at an average 350 cases are provided treatment and medicines.

In order to help the adolescent girls in the age group of 14-19 to learn about the pulls of puberty, their changing bodies, their evolving identities and their rights under the law GMRVF launched adolescent health program in the GKEL periphery villages. The reason for organising this program is that the traditional school system offers little health information to adolescent girls in any digestible form. Every month at an average 200 girls attend adolescent health mela and get their health check-up done by the gynaecologist. The gynaecologist also sensitizes the adolescent girls on health and hygiene. Iron tonic, deworming and other medicines are provided to the girls. To promote sanitary practices among adolescent girls, napkins are also distributed in the health melas.

With an objective to ensure every school in GKEL periphery villages becomes a health promoting school, children beginning from primary education are reached out with a holistic package of services that  include various components of health. The health of school students are examined by a medicine specialist, treatment provided for skin diseases, dental caries, worm infection and common illness. In a month at an average the health check -up is organised for 200 students. Besides health ckeck-up the students are sensitized on health and hygiene. Students are made aware of the importance of hand washing and about the hygienic practices to prevent diseases like diarrhea and other respiratory infections.

In the previous years GMRVF has organised eye screening camps in the periphery villages of GKEL. A total of 478 patients were provided with spectacles and surgery expenses of the 101 cataract patients were borne by GMRVF. Similarly to prevent and control major causes of hearing impairment and deafness, hearing screening camps were organised. Free ENT examination and audio metric test was conducted in the screening camps and hearing aids were provided to 43 patients.

Besides these activities GMRVF has provided tricycles to the physically challenged persons, first aid boxes to Anganwadi Centres, taken up dengue prevention measures, disinfection of open wells. Awareness programme on HIV/AIDS, breast feeding and other health issues are regularly organised because GMRVF believes that preventive health care is key to good health. Health baby shows and “annaprassana” day are organised to clear the misconceptions of the mothers for regular immunization of the children, balanced diet preparation and childhood illness management.

In order to ensure that all new born babies stay healthy and happy and to make mothers aware about post natal care, GMRVF distributes “new born health and safety kits” to the mothers. The health and safety kit contains the products like baby mosquito net, oil cloth, baby towel, anti-septic liquid, soap and baby oil.

Overall health problems of different social groups in GKEL periphery villages are being comprehensively addressed through curative and preventive measures and special attention is paid to supplement the government health efforts through service provison and community mobilisation.

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