Auro University is a CSR contribution to education of JHM Hotels: Dr Rana


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SURAT: “Auro University is the a non-Profit initiative of JHM Hotels and it will launch the School of Hospitality, Restaurant and Sports Management, offering students a Bachelor of Science degree in Hospitality Management in July 2011.

HP RamaThe vision of the university is to be a Premier University of Integral and Tranformational Learning for Future Leaders.” Dr. Rana Singh the Professor and Assistant Dean of Auro University, Surat informed to INDIACSR.

Auro University is based in Surat, Gujarat and it’s program is  commencing in July 2011 with technical collaboration with the University of South Carolina (USC), Columbia, USA.

According to Dr Rana, the University has been promoted by JHM Hotels, USA as their contribution to education in CSR i.e. HP RamaCorporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) under the visionary leadership of Chairman and CEO, Mr H.P. Rama who is a serial entrepreneur and is the Chairman of JHM group of companies owning, operating and managing over 72 Five star hotels in USA, China and India as well.

The University is being ably headed by the eminent and renowned academician Dr. Kamlesh Misra as its Founder Provost and Mr. Sanjay Bhatnagar as its Founder Registrar.

The University has been established in 117 acres state of the art campus in Surat which is one of the largest Campuses of University in India dedicated to Hospitality and Management. He added.

Auro University is a progressive centre for integral learning and leadership where the mind, body and spirit are aligned and prepared to embark on a journey of lifelong for both the individual and the community.  The Vision, Mission and Philosophy is unique in its approach.  The vision of the university is to be a Premier University of Integral and Tranformational Learning for Future Leaders., Dr Rana Said.

The university campus has started its academic operations from the academic year 2011 and the university has started the process for admission to the BBA, BSc (Hospitality Management) and MBA Programmes in its School of Management and School of Hospitality Management. The University is committed to delivered world class education in tandem with the global standards and is committed to optimize the western wisdom with Indian Values.

The state of the art campus with world class infrastructure is ready to embrace the future leaders of tomorrow. The campus has separate hostel facilities for boys and girls. The university has strong commitment towards ensuring strong ethical and moral values including focus on ensuring highest standards of human dignity, ragging free environment, etc. The university is committed to ensure highest degrees of transparency in its entire operations including admissions, academic delivery and quality control.

The University has announced that it will not accept any donations for admissions and all admission applications will be processed purely on merit and no other criteria will be accepted under any circumstance. The University has announced for some scholarship(s) / Financial Assistance sponsored by various Institutions /Organizations from India and abroad for the meritorious and underprivileged students on merit cum needs basis for which the students have to apply separately.

The university is committed to provide a conducive learning environment to the students, world class teaching platform to the faculty members, and excellent work culture to the various stakeholders of the university and the society. The university is also committed to make milestone contributions in the area of community development and other areas of social development and upliftment. The University envisions to be one of the pioneers in the area of Management and Hospitality Education.

The University is also committed to deliver real life exposure to the various students by orienting the curriculum, pedagogy and infrastructure to match and outperform global standards and shall ensure the incorporation of the best practices of some of the top tier business schools of India and abroad including the Ivy league universities of the globe.

The University has partnered with IBM India to develop smart campus with state of the art IT infrastructure. The university has also provided world class audio-video infrastructure in all class rooms which allows any of the class rooms to be converted into a modern surround sound film theatre with latest technology gadgetries.

The university and its various stakeholders are committed to deliver world class education and ensure that the journey of education for the students become a pleasure during the process of intense rigour and highest standards.

The university has established dedicated Career Development Centre which provides the students with resources and avenues for career and professional development while they are studying as well as after graduation. This includes career counseling for individual students to prepare them for training, recruitment and placements. The CDC is likely to organize series of workshops on a regular basis on a variety of contemporary and useful topics such as choosing the right career, preparing CVs, drafting covering letters, facing interviews, grooming, job search strategies, options for higher studies in India and abroad.

The CDC opens up opportunities for students to find employment, summer internships, and network with companies both locally as well as nationally. The centre devotes a considerable amount of time toward developing strong relationship with the industry in areas that are the focus of studies at Auro University. The CDC not only provides consistent, superior, skilled and high-quality services, but also creates an atmosphere of professional, friendly, reliable and enthusiastic support to our student body.

The services likely to be provided to students include but not limited to individual and group counseling on career and job choices, seminars on current industry trends, summer internship opportunities, final placement opportunities, writing workshops, Job Search Workshops, Career Choice Workshops, Strategies to Face Interviews, Personality Assessment, and Advice, Pre-Placement Talk from prospective employers, On campus recruitment and interviews, workshops on higher studies abroad, grooming workshops, Personality Development Workshops, Presentation & Interview skills.

The university invites Industrialists, Academicians, Parents and students to explore areas of intellectual furtherance, knowledge creation, dissemination, skills enhancement and value transformation thereby leading to holistic transformation.

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