Where is my CPO-Chief People Officer


HR Expert Jagdeep Kaur argue that the need of the hour calls for a CPO-Chief People Officer in every organization who can give a forethought to every business decision and bring forward the untouched people factor on whose shoulders lies the success of any organization.

By Jagdeep Kaur

Someone blowing the trumpet ….Excellent guys we have won the contract…another million dollars to the company’s bottom line …Good job done!!Tomorrow let’s sit and work on another pursuit and see if we can win that too…the management will be really happy……

Here we are… Welcome to the world of IT Companies, or BPOs..

Is that what each one of us seeks for…A sheer word of mouth complementing your day and night efforts in just a word and going forward!!Probably NO.What people contribute in terms of their knowledge, merit, energy, enthusiasm cannot just be equalized with a mere salary package or a word of mouth appreciation.

It’s no longer an era of complacency at surface level. Yes, numbers are being met but whois taking care of people behind the numbers. The employees are not machines; they have emotions and feelings which need a lift in a right way. Only a handful of companies like AOL, Landmark Group, Reliance and a few more like them have given this scenario a deep thought and have recruited the much needed CPO-Chief People Officer.

Most of the employees of IT/BPO companies are crying out loud looking for their CPO. Where is my CPO is the question written all over. The alignment with the chief operating officer is missing. There is no one in the CXO category to feel the people aspect. What is changing with the times is the synonyms to the word employee.

From employee it became human resources, then human asset, then talent and so on…but what has been missing is the real feel and consideration for them.The so called harnessed talent is used as resources by the companies that become mere statistics by companies like Gartner which specify the number of hiring’s being done by IT /BPO companies. Unfortunate part is people are not rightly managed but are just marketed like numbers.

It’s been a common saying by HR managers that though we understand that there are loopholes in the structure but we cannot help. Or sometimesits conveyed that we understand your problems but who will convey this point of view to the management? A reporting authority in the CXO level is missing.

Its high time companies need to understand that just having systems for the sake of market repute is not sufficient rather having them in place is far more important. HR can bring a remarkable difference by bringing up employee experiences which can have a say, and can bring about a unique strength weaving together the simple ways to work on retention strategy.

What companies call attrition should be given a close look to weed away the cause. A simple training and development plan or an engagement plan for the employees, which works towards employee partnership, should be the agenda for the HR having a clear line of authority with the CPO.

A CPO needs to be appointed who can bridge the gap between applicants and skills. A COO who works on numbers should be rightly given the feed that these numbers are the assets who ,too have aspirations to grow with the company.  A CPO needs to align the business decisions with internal resources available and bring forward the roadmap of growth keeping in mind the mutual benefit.

A people angle need to be discussed before any plan for success is drafted or a proposal is in action. The focus should be on life partnership not just accepting the fact that an x% of attrition is mandatory.

If something like attrition is not avoidable, then how does a culture of life long employment exists in Japan? The need of the hour calls for a CPO in every organization who can give a forethought to every business decision and bring forward the untouched people factor on whose shoulders lies the success of any organization.

Jagdeep KaurCSR is a current trend, so why not have charity beginning from home. Corporate have an all-time due responsibility towards its talent to give them the much needed support through their CPO in the CXO category. So let’s have the appointment letters rolling now to give them the feeling of association and call out loud….Here’s your CPO.

(By Jagdeep Kaur is the Vice President – Global Operations, HR Globe Consulting (www.hrglobeconsulting.com). She regularly contribute INDIACSR exclusively.)

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