Tag: Project Nanhi Kali

Project Nanhi Kali (which translates to ‘a little bud’ in Hindi) was set up in 1996 by Anand Mahindra with the objective of empowering underprivileged girls in India by providing them with quality education. Project Nanhi Kali has reached out to over 4,50,000 underprivileged girls in India with over 20,000 Nanhi Kali alumni are pursuing higher education and professional careers.  At present, the project is supporting the education of over 174,000 girls through 6,800 Nanhi Kali Academic Support Centres in different parts of India. The project has a cadre of 5,745 locally recruited tutors who are extensively trained to strengthen their capacity as Nanhi Kali Community Associates. Through interventions with the girls, their families and communities at large, the project has been successful in planting seeds for social change in some of the most deprived regions of the country.

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