Jindal Stainless Limited’s Perspective on CSR – A New Strategic Dimension


Your favourite news portal India CSR is very happy to initiate a series of articles by some of the stalwarts of CSR policy-maker, academic and practitioner fraternity from all over the world that forms the various chapters in the recently released Book, Corporate Social Responsibility in India: Cases and Developments after the legal mandate, edited by Ms. Nayan Mitra (Developmental Consultant, India) and Dr. Rene Schmidpeter (Dr. Jurgen Meyer Endowed Chair for International Business, Ethics and CSR, Cologne Business School, Germany).

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The perspective of Brig. Rajiv Williams, YSM, Corporate Head (CSR), Jindal Stainless Limited Group (JSL), on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of a developed economy and an emerging economy is distinctly different. While, in a developed economy, Corporates have the option of choosing the nature of its CSR intervention; but, in an emerging economy, such flexibilities may not be possible. Hence, as CSR professionals, especially in an emerging economy, as that of India, one needs to be endemic in their facilitation and understand and support the reality of economic growth and bring about a direct relationship of ‘inclusive growth’ with social development. Interestingly, in India, the CSR mandate of the Companies Act, 2013 also supports a national development agenda.

His paper titled, ‘Jindal Stainless Limited’s Perspective on Corporate Social Responsibility – A New Strategic Dimension’ seeks to understand the various CSR implementation strategies available and explore, in particular, Jindal Stainless Limited (JSL), India’s largest and the only fully integrated Stainless Steel manufacturing Company’s CSR implementation, through its Case Study.

The keywords in the Chapter are: Charity Welfare Philanthropy (CWP), Sustainable CSR, CSR Implementation, Cheque Book Philanthropy, Grameen Dukan, Jindal Stainless Limited Foundation, Private-Private-Public-People Partnership.

This paper is a Chapter in the book ‘Corporate Social Responsibility in India: Cases and Developments after the Legal Mandate’ edited by Ms. Nayan Mitra and Dr. Rene Schmidpeter and published by Springer International Publishing, Switzerland under its CSR, Sustainability, Ethics and Governance series. The Book is available both in e-version and hard copy from Springer as well as Amazon and many other online book stores all over the world.rajiv-williams

Author brief: Recipient of military awards of YSM and M in D for gallantry, Brigadier Williams sought premature retirement from the Indian Army and joined Jindal Stainless Limited, New Delhi as their Corporate Head (CSR). A member of the CII CSR Council, he has held several other senior positions. As Convener UN GCNI Human Rights Committee, he championed the initiative ‘The India CEO Forum on Business and Human Rights’. In February 2016, Rajiv was awarded a citation ‘Top 100 Most impactful CSR leaders’ (Global listing) by the World CSR Congress and in September 2016 was honoured with the CSR Leadership Award. A prolific writer and speaker at various forums and conferences, Rajiv has been invited to speak at the United Nations offices in New York and Geneva with a focus on issues relating to ‘Women Empowerment’, ‘Entrepreneurship Development’ and ‘Business and Human Rights’. He has written several papers on varied topics from conflict prevention and security to matters relating to Responsible Business and Corporate Citizenship.

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