Environmental Responsibility : Panasonic collaborates with schools to build a force of Green Ambassadors

Launches Harit Umang – Joy of Green initiative

NEW DELHI: Reinforcing its commitment to A Better Life, A Better World, Panasonic, a leading diversified technology company, today unveiled Harit Umang – Joy of Green program.

Harit Umang reflects on Panasonic’s mission to maintain and nurture the ecosystem by developing sustainable practices and imparting green knowledge through active engagements with schools and communities. In the first phase of the program, Panasonic will partner with 200 schools and 50 RWAs in the Delhi NCR region, to broaden its commitment towards supporting bio-diversity, responsible waste management, and creating greater awareness around energy conservation.

 The event saw participation from Government ministries, schools and RWAs, and was inaugurated by Ritesh Kr. Singh, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MOEFCC), along with Manish Sharma, President & CEO Panasonic India, and & Vice President of Appliances Company, Panasonic Corporation, and Ritu Ghosh, Head, Corporate Affairs & CSR, Panasonic India.

The event also augmented sustainable steps and saw pledge taking among participants on energy conservation; sensitization towards responsible handling of e-waste and plastic waste; protection of the natural environment; and contribution to enhanced prosperity while spreading awareness holistically.

Panasonic through Harit Umang announced a series of green initiatives to promote the five ‘R’s – Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose and Recycle. Marking Panasonic’s centenary celebrations globally, the program will undertake identification and creation of 200 Green Smiths who as ambassadors will ensure the program’s widespread reach by creating a multiplier effect.

Upholding the bio-diversity agenda, Panasonic through Harit Umang has also pledged to plant 100 thousand trees through engagements with the schools and RWAs. With a focus on waste management and responsible recycling, the program will create zero plastic zones around school campuses and build awareness regarding responsible disposal of e-waste and plastic waste. Schools and RWAs together will initiate 45 metric ton of e-waste collection annually. Striving to make energy efficiency mainstream, the program will extend knowledge around simple energy-efficient steps to reduce wastage of energy. To enable and accelerate awareness and early adoption among young students, Harit Umang is also working towards creating a special green syllabus in schools and make it part of their curriculum.

Stressing on Green Practices, Ritesh Kr. Singh, Joint Secretary, MOEFCC, said, “Today, issues like climate change and waste management are of prime concern that is best addressed through effective policy, strong implementation and a partnership approach for the long-term good of all. We are extremely happy to see one such beginning today with Harit Umang as the seeds of a green change and a better tomorrow. I am confident that the program will help spread the message to a large number of people, urging them to contribute their bit for the environment.”

 Speaking on the launch, Manish Sharma, President & CEO Panasonic India, and & Vice President of Appliances Company, Panasonic Corporation, said, “For over a century, Panasonic has stood true to its vision of, “A Better Life, A Better World”. This underlying philosophy guides us to not only come out with world-class products, but also be conscious of the environment that we operate in, and understand its impact. Sustainability has always been the core focus for us and we aim at expanding our efforts as we step into the second century. Harit Umang program is aligned with this environmental and sustainability vision. Through the program, we aim to drive focussed results to help build a socially progressive society.”

Speaking on the initiative, Ritu Ghosh, Head, Corporate Affairs & CSR, Panasonic India, “The Harit Umang is an environmental sensitization program that aims at creating mass awareness and extending ecologically responsible duty amongst people. Through partnerships with 200 schools, the program will extend knowledge to students who would be the torchbearers for engaging the community through various guided means like competitions, workshops, and enriching curriculum, leading to a green and sustainable future.  We believe that the wider adoption of green practices will sow the seeds of a greener tomorrow.”

Panasonic has undertaken a number of initiatives supporting ecologically and environment-friendly practices in the past. Through ‘Harit Umang – Joy of Green’ Program, Panasonic aims at creating a multiplier effect in upholding the Green agenda through active participation of school children. The program will begin from April 2019 in planned phases.