Environment : Plantation Drive by BVC Foundation to supplement livelihood of Farmers

Aims at planting 1000 Saplings 7 sites across Maharashtra

MUMBAI: This year in addition to their philanthropic initiatives, BVC Foundation has yet again taken upon another initiative for the benefit of the environment. But an environmental cause, that would prove beneficial to the livelihood of farmers.

With this seed of thought, BVC Foundation approached Mission Green Mumbai, who suggested what could be done within requisite timeline.

What Mission Green Mumbai did was to identify the right farmland and its owners who will be responsible enough to take care of the treesplanted. A personal visit by BVC ‘Foundation Team’ to the village to survey the area and to understand the requirement set the ball rolling. Post discussion with the farmers, it was decided to plant the dwarf variety of coconut tree saplings.

The reason behind this saplingwas that this grew faster and required less – resources for its upkeep and growth. The end result of this tree plantation drive is to supplement the farmer with an income to assist them to come out of thefinancial stress they are going through, by selling the proceeds.

On 25th August BVC Foundation went on a Tree Plantation Drive at Kore Village, in Palghar district. The ‘BVC Foundation’s’ aim was to assist in sustainable change to deserving and the needy beneficiaries which includes Environmental aid along with Health and Education. With a target to plant 1000 samplings in 7 different Sites in Maharashtra, BVC’s first Tree Plantation Drive began with around 250 samplings planted at Palgarh district by its employees.

BVC foundation had tied up with Mission Green Mumbai for this initiative as its purpose was to assist in sustainable change to deserving and the needy beneficiaries, Farmers in this case. The fact Subhajit Mukherjee, the Mumbai man who gave up 12-year career to revive green cover, is at the helm of Mission Green Mumbai, helped them to put a process in place for the plantation.

With his guidance, the right seeds were procured from the authorized Government agencies. The transparency in the process and the man behind it made BVC Foundation to go with Mission Green Mumbai for the plantation drive not just for seeding an idea, but in nurturing its growth and help deserving farmers reap its benefits.