Education- the Bane of Existence

Education forms the roots of a sensible existence.

Even though the phrase seems accurate, it isn’t applicable in reality anymore. Education has turned into a chore for most high schoolers who usually feel like outcasts simply speculating on the level of sensibility of this learning process.

And this conclusion is actually a realization after my own painful high school experience, and the stories I have heard from students suffering through High school right now. Also, if you are a high school graduate, and a medical/dental programme aspirant waiting for result, NEET 2018 Result is available online.

They all read from the same script of monotony and will describe school to you with the following words- boring, stressful, and tiring. The only reason they even attend high school is to get into a good college, and why? Well, because it’s naturally the next step for them. The step where they might actually experience what life has to offer, or even simply skip college and get a job, and live the adult life without any more schooling. But you probably don’t understand the turmoil they are embracing during their school hours. So, let me help you get some perspective.

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5 problems Highs schoolers face:

  • Time Management:

The overwhelming task of completing your homework, projects, extra credit work and maintaining a social life has a negative impact on these kids’ mental health.

  • Relevance:

Students are disengaged because they find the subjects they study irrelevant or useful in real life, which isn’t entirely wrong.

  • Not enough sleep:

This is what follows poor time management, students miss out on basic tasks such as sleeping or eating as they try to keep up with their peers and school work.

  • Having to be an adult:

Managing money, handling bullies, completing internships, strained personal relationships, ominous raging hormone – all seem like adult problems- but are a few things high schoolers handle every day.

  • Boards and Pressure

Now the usual lot of students have no idea why boards are so crucial, I mean it is important to get into a good school. But it isn’t the end of the world. But the pressure under which these students are at the time of boards due to their parents and teachers is barbaric.

Now, that we are aware of their problems, how do we get them engaged in their education, because after all it does decide their future. How do we prepare a sensible curriculum that is useful and enlightening for students who are about to go out in the real world?

3 Ways to help High Schoolers find purpose in their education:

  • Eliminate the competition:

Students find motivation in competition, and this unhealthy. Achievements don’t have to be weighed by how well your peers are doing. So, if you are a teacher, encourage your students to develop a passion and interest for what they are working on, this will help them in the long run.

  • Collaboration with peers:

The next step of eliminating completion and foster a sense of purpose is collaboration. As students work with their peers, rather than against them, they learn and progress better.

  • The Role Model:

Students need someone to look up to and aspire to become as they grow up. These guiding a counselling force can be a teacher or any adult they find fit for the job. This adult can help them get out of their comfort zones, and guide them to take risks, and explore opportunities they might not notice otherwise. This person can also help them to cope up with failure as well.

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