CSR Enhances the Brand Value

Rusen Kumar
Rusen Kumar

By Rusen Kumar

CSR in India has been changing a lot of new dimensions. In the times to come it is likely to create a lot of job opportunities for youngsters in our country. Corporate entities in India are focusing on CSR not because the ministry has compelled to do it but also because of all intentions and focus.

The companies are now expected to be innovative not only in terms of their products and services but also in terms of their planning, implementation and control of the CSR models and initiatives. The changing times have been posing new challenges every day and the most important challenge which the HR department is going to face is in terms of creating a dynamic workforce in the field of CSR.

The challenge of talent acquisition and talent retention is likely to become hotter
than launching a new product to acquire and sustain the market share in the
domestic and international market.

The organisations are required to ensure that a robust planning implementation and control mechanism is evolved to ensure that the financial reporting of the CSR activities is done in a fair and transparent manner on an ongoing basis failing which the regulatory bodies are likely to create big concerns in the times to come.

The secret of success for the organisations in modern times is likely to be not just excellent products and services but also achieving excellence in the area of Business responsibility and ensuring that the achievements of CSR is optimally communicated to the various stakeholders by leveraging the integrated brand communications.

The process of evolving a successful CSR model for an organisation shall be an integrated approach by integrating the views of the employees, customers, staff and various other stakeholders along with the expectations of the local residents of the society.

The growth trajectory of the organisation in the modern times would be a function of the quality of the product and services and the quality of the CSR model optimally integrated with the quality implementation of the CSR model and its programs.

The top echelons of the leading corporate entities are required to visualise, analyse and realise the potential of CSR and the way it can give a catalytic boost to the brand image of the organisation.

The CSR programs have to be seen as an opportunity to enhance the brand image of the organisation and to deliver high quality service to the community as a part of social-service initiatives and become a major contributor in the process of nation building and simultaneously ensuring overall compliance of the regulatory expectations.

(Rusen Kumar is the Founder and Editor of India CSR, World’s leading CSR Network)

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