Cosmos Green Signs MOU with Jindal Stainless to recycle metal and make India pollution free

NEW DELHI: In a step to boost clean manufacturing, metal recycling and to make India Green & Pollution Free, Cosmos Green, metal scrap recycling company, signed an MOU with one of the largest stainless steel conglomerates in India and amongst the top 10 stainless steel conglomerates in the world, Jindal Stainless Ltd. The MOU will lead to the recycling of metal scrap worth billions in India over the coming years. The MOU will also result in the creation of a lot of jobs in the metal manufacturing & processing industry.

Jindal Stainless Ltd. produces world-class stainless steel and its MOU with Cosmos Green is expected to lead to effective solutions that restore the ecological balance in the country. As a result of the MOU, pollution will be reduced because recycling will take much solid waste and transform it into new and usable products. By recycling, less waste will end up in landfills or be discarded on the ground.

Pollution disturbs the balance of the ecosystem and affects people’s lifestyle adversely by giving rise to diseases and by causing global warming, the venture with Jindal Stainless Ltd. will go a long way in making India Greener & Healthier. Cosmos Green’s concern for ecology and love of nature are two of the primary reasons behind the company’s decision to sign the MOU with Jindal Stainless Ltd.

Speaking about the MOU, Rajat Kapur of Cosmos Green said “I believe that there is nothing of greater concern today than the well being of the environment. Unless stakeholders in society take proactive steps today to care for the environment, there could be a catastrophe in the decades ahead. I shudder to think of the world we are bequeathing to the next generation. Unless we take steps today and drastically curb pollution and waste, we will not only find it far more difficult to live on Earth in the decades ahead, we may not be able to live on Earth at all”.

Cosmos Green is at the heart of the metal scrap recycling industry and has a diversified portfolio that covers the entire supply chain of metal scrap recyclables from origination to distribution. It is a leading processor of metal scrap that operates a significant network of global assets. The company helps metal producers from around the world meet their requirement for metal scrap for use in the manufacturing of new metal products through recycling.