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How to manage the fear of being fired?

By Jérôme Chouchan In the modern world, our sense of identity is strongly correlated to our job and for most of us our sense of...

Karma Yoga Management: Hiring & Firing

By Jérôme Chouchan In my previous article, ‘How to practice Karma Yoga and still perform in a tough corporate culture’, I explored how the employee could...

How To Practice Karma Yoga & Still Perform In A Tough...

By Jérôme Chouchan Practicing spirituality and performing in a company seem to be worlds apart, with an impenetrable barrier between them. Global business is conventionally...

Management as Karma Yoga

By Jérôme Chouchan Business has become the driving force of our modern societies. This phenomenon built on the values of capitalism started in the West,...

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