Vedanta Khushi : The Missing Milk

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By Anu Sharma

It was the time of winters when I with my children was waiting at the platform for a train to Jaipur which got delayed for an hour or two due to adverse weather conditions. While we were sitting on the bench, a beggar holding her son 1-2 years of age in her arms came to me for the money.

Vedanta Khushi - Anu SharmaHer son was crying at the loudest pitch and without paying much heed to him, the beggar was busy in collecting sympathy money from us. I got very upset seeing the whole scenario and asked her “he is hungry, why are you not feeding him?”

She said the child has not eaten anything since morning, give me the money, I will buy something for him and then he will be quiet.”

Her reluctant attitude frustrated me. I ignored her, went to the tea stall on the platform, and bought some milk. I gave it to the beggar and asked her to feed him with the milk. She took the milk, kept it in her rugged bag and moved away from my bench while ignoring what I said. Attitude of her infuriated me and before she could go and beg to other people, I stopped her and asked her firmly to give the milk to little child.

With no option left, she handed over the milk to her son. I could see the small child drank it at one go without leaving a single drop. I was happy and satisfied; at least I could fill the empty stomach of one innocent child who does not know what fate has in store for him. Will he do the same work that his mother is doing or would go to school, study and do a respectable job?

I know it’s a small beginning and I would have done some more. May be I would have convinced the beggar to work or would have probably asked her to send her child to government Anganwadis. But for now I know I am moving in the right direction, money would have spoiled her even more and perhaps giving the milk would have inspired other passengers to do the same.

Being part of Vedanta’s Khushi campaign, I feel I am contributing to the society at large. My contribution may be small in this mammoth problem, but I could make a small difference…

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(This is a real life incident forwarded Anu Sharma from Bhilwara, Rajasthan)



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