Sri Ganganagar school Principals appraised the “Shiksha Ki Unchi Udaan” , a student development campaign by Ram Bajaj Foundation


 bajaj foundationRAJASTHAN: With more than 900 students in 5 days in 7 schools of Sri Ganaganagar, the campaign has reached a milestone after successful completion in Churu, Hanumangarh and now in this city. The students were introduced about way forward post their board exams and the representative of Ram Bajaj Foundation, Rajiv Ranjan for the campaign “Shiksha Ki Unchi Udaan” mentored them with very useful response.

This noble initiative – Shiksha Ki Unchi Udaan – is taken up by foundation with a view to empower students by imbibing the qualities of decision making, self-confidence and good communication skills in smaller districts and cities of Rajasthan.

bajajBelow are excerpts of feedback from various schools during this visit:

Mr Sisodia, Principal, Saraswati Public Sr. Sec. School, said “It was a good presentation. Children thoroughly understood the session and motivated. They will view the website and post their queries there.”

Mr R S Arora, Principal, Floradale Public School, appreciated, “It was a good session and questions were replied promptly and the suggestions were very good.”

Mr. Beant Singh, Principal, A.S.M Public School, applauded the efforts and said, “it was impressive talk and students were very happy and highly satisfied.”

Mrs. Ritu Raj Kaur, Golden Public School, commented, “The workshop was great and even my son had a good learning and now students have an idea what they can choose in future.”

Mr. Gaurav, Principal, Harsh Convent, “It was great session and delivered good result for our students.”

Dr. Ram Bajaj said, “We would like to take these sessions to new heights and engage more schools to help their students advance in coming examinations.”

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