India CSR Network launches ‘Q for CSR’ initiative for excellence in Sustainability and Responsibility Reporting

India CSR is the largest CSR update provider

Sir Dr. Huz and Rusen Kumar releasing the vision document of Q for CSR in Mumbai

MUMBAI: India CSR Network has launched a new initiative called Quality (Q) for CSR, to ensure quality and responsible reporting in the space of non-financial affairs of businesses. This effort is closely aligned with the vision and mission of India CSR Network. The ultimate aim of the initiative is to support measurable value creation for society.

Great humanitarian, Sir Dr. Huz (Huzaifa Khorakiwala), Executive Director of Wockhardt Limited and CEO of Wockhardt Foundation released the vision document of Q for CSR on October 9, 2017, in Mumbai.

Speaking at the release function, Sir Dr. Huz congratulated India CSR for this new initiative and said, “India CSR Network has been immensely contributing to the Corporate Social Responsibility ecosystem over a decade and highlighting positivity, and human face of Indian corporates. It is a great contribution to the nation. I wish India CSR every success in his future endeavors.”

While launching the Q for CSR, Rusen Kumar, Founder and Managing Editor said, “The new release policy document will help us in developing new reporting standard for Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility.”

He also said, “India CSR Network will strive hard for high-quality standards in reporting and believe in continuous improvements to meet the growing demand of responsible business’s reporting requirements.”

“The initiative will support capacity building, learning and improve the overall quality of the reporting with special emphasis on measurable value creation.”, he added.

This innovative reporting methodology is based on the seven core principles – Excellence, Uniqueness, Creativeness, Consistency, Credible, Positivity, and Conciseness.

Innovation, reforms and continuous improvement are essential for value creation in CSR, especially in India. Our long-term CSR vision is creating a culture of continuous learning,  effective writing, leadership, strengthening the development sector network, and standardization of contents. It will allow us to develop the right eco-system further and boost the quality of reporting and empower report writing professional with right competencies.

The has been making significant contributions through adding new dimensions and perspectives to the domain of CSR and Sustainability. India CSR Network was founded by Rusen Kumar in January 2009. Rusen Kumar is CSR visionary and highly regarded by all the stakeholder of CSR eco-ecosystem. He is the thought leader, speaker, and journalist in the sustainability, CSR space.

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