India CSR- Celebrating 10th Year of Excellence

    India CSR has been empowering leaders by providing meaningful information and helping them to get the professional knowledge and network.

    NEW DELHI: India CSR, Largest Network on Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility (CSR) in India, is celebrating its 10th year of excellence, commitment and passion by providing qualitative information maintaining high value reporting in the ecosystem of CSR.

    Established in the year 2009, in the CSR domain, India CSR is the single largest technology enabled platform which is consistently delivering excellence in all areas where it works. India CSR Network evolved at a time when the discussion and debate on the New Company Amendment Bill was at its peak.

    India CSR has been empowering leaders by providing meaningful information and helping them to get the professional knowledge and network. All individuals who are looking or searching for appropriate medium are welcome to contribute their articles, book reviews, interview, advertorials and event promotions.

    India CSR Network, provides comprehensive information and development in the area of business Sustainability and Responsibility. The platform is aimed at those who wish to update themselves with recent developments, understand how Indian organizations are applying the innovative ideas in CSR and Sustainability for competitive advantage and serving the society by addressing socio-economic challenges.

    India CSR serves the growing needs of CSR and development professionals, Sustainability Leaders, CSR Consultants and NGO/NPOs’ leaders. It is not only inspirational but also instructional in taking a balanced approach to success by offering guidance and insight into improving CSR performance.

    It is essential reading for decision makers in business, government and non-profit  organizations, CSR leaders, Development professionals, Social media marketing professionals, and finally for all those who are looking for something innovative and good.

    The India CSR Network explores the philosophy of competitiveness in relation to CSR, through various new development related articles, qualitative and innovative content in the form of views, thoughts and research oriented articles.

    Dr. Rana Singh, CEO, India CSR says, “We are proud to look back over a decade of making a difference towards reporting on Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility in India. The India CSR Network has established a dynamic partnership with the various organizations. We took this opportunity to not only celebrate our achievements, but also to look towards the future with a focus to continue to deliver excellence in CSR and allied domains for truly making a difference to the business world.”

    “We at India CSR shall continue to move forward with passion and commitment and shall continue to be spearheading the domain of CSR with all humility and attitude of gratitude towards all stakeholders. We at India CSR shall continue to be the catalytic agent to motivate corporate organizations and all other stakeholders to transform the life and lifestyle of the people at the grassroot level with an aim to bridge the socio economic inequalities.”, he added.

    Rusen Kumar, Founder, India CSR says, “We want to place on record our most sincere gratitude to all stakeholders those who have worked and helped beyond their call of responsibility to make India CSR Network the enterprise it is today. We are thankful to each one of individual, readers, organization, author, reporter, sponsor, vendors, partner and corporate communities for all their kind support in helping India CSR Network rise to the fore as one of the successful social enterprise in India.”

    “For us, this is indeed just the beginning. There is still more to be done in CSR space in India. We pledge to deliver to the country by providing meaningful information with sense of belongingness and responsibility to people who will play a crucial role in contributing to the economic and social progress of the country. We will continue our quest for excellence in the areas of CSR, Research and Developmental communication, etc. and will we will put our best efforts in helping India realize its true potential.”, He added.