Erik Korsvik Østergaard, Author of The Responsive Leader writing For India CSR

NEW DELHI: India CSR Network is delighted to announce that for the next three months, starting from March, it will feature three exclusive articles by the influential global thought-leader and speaker, Erik Korsvik Østergaard, author of the acclaimed book, The Responsive Leader.

Rusen Kumar, Founding Editor, India CSR Network said, “We welcome Erik Korsvik Østergaard on our board. His thoughts, views and vision are important for readers. Three topics that he chosen to address for our readers is very much relevant. I hope this will work.”

Erik is a partner at Bloch&Østergaard and holds a M.Sc. from the Technical University of Copenhagen with a thesis in chaos mathematics, and has an EBA in cross-cultural project management.

He is also a regular guest lecturer at Copenhagen Business School.

Erik’s three articles for India CSR Network will focus on:

The Modern Leader Must Be a Social Visionary – Be the best, not in the world, but for the world” is a mantra that resonates with the modern leader, for personal, societal and business reasons. In this first article, Erik looks at how a purpose-driven organization nurtures engagement and business focus, as well as how to activate the purpose in daily life.

How do you Measure the Impact of your Purpose – Here, Erik guides you through the mechanism of setting goals and measuring the value-creation of your purpose-driven activities: Functional value, emotional value, and societal value, aiming the focus on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals by UN.

Using Social Capital as a leadership principle for sustainability – Understanding and nurturing your internal relationships and network is a major element in building an organization that is resilient and that can attract and retain talent. Erik will describe how you can map and measure the social capital of your organization – and how it supports the human sustainability agenda.

For the last 15 years, Erik has worked within leadership, digitization, strategy, change management and organizational transformation as manager, project manager and consultant – and has a burning passion for leadership and engagement. The four key findings from Erik’s work has been gathered in his new book ‘The Responsive Leader’, published by LID Publishing.

Read Erik’s Articles:

The Modern Leader Must Be a Social Visionary 

How do you Measure the Impact of your Purpose ?