Educationally Responsible – A Conscious Attempt By Mona Verma

By Mona Verma

Mona VermaThe endless queues outside the schools are both encouraging but equally a cause of concern. Higher number of children getting educated in a developing country like India is a vivid sign of development and growth, however the ever-growing demand not only for quality but world class education and state-of-the-art facilities has restricted the opportunity of getting educated at institutes of repute only for selected few as far as affordability and accessibility is concerned. It is an issue of long discussion and the government agencies have taken some concrete steps to extend quality education for maximum number of young minds.

With Education taken a focal point, Educational Institutes have grown significantly in stature and their numbers and hence their untold responsibility towards myriad related and unrelated elements of Education system.

Global Citizens

Today most of the Educational Institutes, especially in bigger cities claim to transform young children into global citizens in all respects. One of the important aspects of such an attribute is instilling values in these young hearts to have empathy and tolerance towards various sections, cultures, customs and traditions and most importantly towards society as a whole. Nowadays, majority of Educational Institutes undertake a range of initiatives aimed at making contribution towards welfare of society and blue planet Earth besides regular curriculum and sports.

The Educational Institutes observe Earth Day, Environment Day, Human Rights Day, World Health Day and many more. However, it should not be merely focused on observing dates and such occasions and showcasing that how sincere we are, but should bring about significant changes. These steps should be sincere, continual and reinforcing. In this manner, each day should be made Society Day in all respects.

Most-Valued Teachers and Support Staff

The children shall be encouraged to take such steps towards betterment of the society as a whole but who will ensure that objectives of such causes are realized in a desired way. Teachers and support staff members are the real drivers of such initiative (s). A young child may only take any step and understand its significance only when given adequate guidance, a sense of direction, encouragement and support. Their sincerity and support towards such initiatives can only pave way towards successful realization of the dream of bringing out Socially Responsible Global Citizens from the Educational Institute and taking it to a category of an established institute of repute.

An Educational Institute- Haven for Instilling Social Responsibility Notion

The foundation of every Educational Institute is laid down based on some philosophy, vision and mission and objectives to realize in short and long run. Typically, an Educational Institute’s success rests upon the contribution and transformation of the students and Teachers respectively. Their right attitude personal, professional and social makes an Educational Institute stand out in real terms.

The Educational Institute shall ensure to fulfill following set of duties as a part of its Social Responsibility viz.

Clean and Green Surroundings
Realization of Safety Parameters
Proper Wages
Proper Working Conditions
Security and safety of children and Teachers
No Encroachment
Uniformity in dealing with every individual at any and every level
Progressive and Socially Aware Attitude
Affordability and Accessibility

In addition to this, an Educational Institute shall not overlook the requirements, welfare and development of underprivileged section of society. It should encourage
Implementation of Right to Education in a sincere way
Providing Social Acceptance to these young minds
Uniformity and Unbiased Behavior towards one and all
Making sincere attempt to make them worthy and responsible citizens.

Big and Established Players- Gateway to Rural Education

There are several Education Groups that have gained huge respect in the field of Education due to their Innovative and Best Teaching Practices, their sincere attempts in galore in overall development of a child should reach out to every nook and corner to extend support to hundreds of thousands and impart quality education to deserving and desirous masses.

In this way, they may produce
Responsible Citizens
Higher number of employed people
A step towards overall development

All the stakeholders in the field of Education namely children and parents, Teachers and Staff Members and above all Educational Institutes if make sincere continuous attempts may bring about significant changes for overall welfare and development of the society as a whole and hence contribute their bit as a part of their social responsibility.

( Ms. Mona Verma is the Professional and Education Thinker)



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