Dr. Priti Adani fronts Adani Vidya Mandir at Surguja, Chhattisgarh to educate the underprivileged

Dr. Priti Adani head of Adani Foundation

Millions of children across India lack access to the universal human right to education. While the government is doing its best to counter this deficiency, some corporates are also doing their part to ensure that no child gets left behind uneducated.

One of such initiatives is Adani Foundation’s Adani Vidya Mandir (AVM), a school that educates children who cannot afford basic education. And it has finally arrived at Surguja, Chhattisgarh to turn over a new leaf for education in the district.

The temple of knowledge

At the forefront of Adani Foundation’s endeavor is Dr. Priti Adani, who originally fronted the program in Ahmedabad. Now, the deprived children of Surguja, Chhattisgarh will be able to secure their future as the Vidya Mandir prepares to educate 12 neighbouring tribal villages.

This ‘temple of knowledge’ aims to provide free education to the underprivileged. And supporting the establishment in this mission is the Foundation’s lateral initiative, Kaushal Vikas Kendra, a vocational training centre that teaches employable skills to the youngsters of Surguja.

The Vidya Mandir, which focuses on providing education to the less privileged, only allows admission of wards whose guardians have an income less than Rs 1,50,000. The venture started in 2008 in Ahmedabad with only three classes. The group, which recently inaugurated the centres in Chhattisgarh, will enroll 561 students from 1st Standard to 10th Standard while also offering study material, uniforms, food and conveyance for free in its Vidya Mandir. The syllabus is also CBSE-affiliated, which speaks volumes on the progressive direction Adani Vidya Mandir is taking.

All in all, the venture might essentially serve as a catalyst for an impoverished child’s education, as well as prove to be an incubator for several students in the school’s region of operation. At the end of the day, Adani Vidya Mandir aims to recognise the talents of young students and push them towards success. The recent story of a certain Ms Rinku Rajpal’s brandishes AVM’s (Ahmedabad) success as she received an IGNITE Award presented by Dr APJ Abdul Kalam for her modulation system.

Clearly, the initiative is being driven with utmost earnestness, and is not just another placeholder in the name of CSR.

A passionate vision for education

When asked what values the school adheres to, Dr. Priti Adani pointed towards the commitment of teachers, a child-centric approach, and a belief in experimental learning theory. Moreover, education is not limited to free tuition fees. The young students are helped with free meals, books, notebooks, uniforms, transportation and counselling.

And it is not just about academics, as any good holistic education programme will tell you. The Vidya Mandir will provide a platform for the overall development of its young students. It will nurture and develop a child’s aptitude for co-curricular activities as well. The Surguja School will also reportedly boast world-class facilities such as a science lab, mathematics lab, and computer labs. The smart lab shall enable modern teaching techniques using media and computers to help children learn better.

Then there is also the matter of girl child education – something which, Dr. Priti Adani believes, can bring about a silent revolution in the society. It is truly heartwarming to see, then, the enrollment at the school featuring a high number of girls.

Through such initiatives, the Adani Foundation looks set to begin a new era of education in India.

And Dr Priti Adani remains convinced of her ambition to bring about a positive change in the sector. “It is our fervent desire that both – Adani Vidya Mandir and Kaushal Vikas Kendra − play an important role in nurturing future talent.”

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