CSR : Travkart goes where it is needed the most

NEW DELHI: Travkart, the comprehensive travel service portal from Holidays by Sahibji Private Limited one of the fastest growing online travel companies in India, marked the occasion of International Women’s Day by distributing Dignity Kits to underprivileged women in New Delhi.

The initiative, conducted in partnership withUday Foundation, involved the distribution of Dignity Kits – containing sanitary and hygiene products for women – to the underprivileged women who come to AIIMS for treatments and were residing in the dharamshalas near the hospital.

This is the third CSR campaign by the brand, which had previously distributed schoolbags to two government-aided schools in Mumbai in 2017, and joined the Padman’s movement of distributing sanitary napkins to women employees and domestic help.

In this instance, the brand chose instead to provide essential supplies to the underprivileged women who have put their normal lives on hold while they are undergoing treatment for various maladies at AIIMS.

Most of the patients coming from less privileged economic strata end up being accommodated in the many dharamshalas in the vicinity of the hospital. This is where members of the Travkart staff went, meeting these underprivileged women and distributing ‘Dignity Kits’ on behalf of the brand.

Manheer Singh Sethi, Co-founder, Travkart, said, “As a company, concern for society’s welfare and looking for ways to improve the lives of the people who need it most is an important part of our ethos. I am proud to work with a group of people for whom these initiatives are not one-off instances, but are part of a constantly evolving plan to achieve some basic good and give back to the community. Doing so to mark the occasion of International Women’s Day both helps us acknowledge that while every little bit counts, there’s a long way to go to bridge the gender gap.”

Travkart is an innovative travel brand with a hybrid business model, which bridges the gap between offline travel agents and their personal connection to clients, and the various packages and options proffered by various service providers both online and offline. Over and above innovative partnerships and offerings – such as accessible holidays for differently-abled individuals, and holiday packages with Self Drive–Travkart is also looking to address social issues such as the inequality and inequity in society across gender, class, and cultures.