CSR – For a Better and Brighter India

This is the text of his message to the CSR leaders during the India CSR Leadership Summit & Awards 2018, held in New Delhi on April 27, 2018

CSR has made a paradigm shift in modern digital India and the corporate sector has witnessed an exponential change in the CSR ecosystem. CSR has been contributing in manifold ways in contributing towards an equitable and inclusive society. We at India CSR Network have been focused at evolving the overall strategic and operational orientations of the CSR stakeholders to inspire them to achieve new benchmarks of excellence in the CSR domain.

It has been globally experienced and empirically proven that CSR has been adding value to the brand image and reputation of the organization. Corporates and the government functionaries are working together towards building a better and brighter India by leveraging the challenges and opportunities in the CSR domain.

The CSR domain has now been in the limelight for more positive reasons. The companies have been working whole heartedly towards transforming the life and lifestyle of the people living in the villages in the domain of health, sanitation, education, skill development and various other allied areas. This has helped the citizens living in the villages located near the organization to transform their overall way of managing their life.

Rusen Kumar with Dr. Bhaskar Chatterjee, Father of CSR in India at India CSR Leadership Summit & Awards 2018 in New Delhi

CSR has been one of the best modes of giving back to the society by the various stakeholders. The CSR mission has caught new momentum in India and more and more corporate houses are enhancing their focus and emphasis on the CSR domain and its associated brand building initiatives.

The corporates have now started working on developing and evolving the strategic CSR Planning, implementation and control for maximizing the overall impact of the CSR initiatives. The summit aims at evolving new models of excellence in the CSR domain to take Indian CSR stakeholders to outperform and outshine their global counterparts. India CSR Network has evolved as a Think Tank organization in the domain of CSR by providing the companies a holistic roadmap and operational plan.

India CSR Network has been organizing Annual Summit and Awards so that the stakeholders are differentiated and acknowledged for their outstanding and innovative contributions in the CSR domain. India CSR Network has been immensely contributing to the growth and development of the CSR domain.

We look forward to take the Indian economy to newer heights by enabling and supporting the Indian organizations in their CSR planning, development, implementation so as to achieve newer domestic and international heights.

With best wishes and gratitude.

(Rusen Kumar is Visionary and Entrepreneur. He is founder of India CSR Network, the CSR watchdog in India. He has been immensely contributing in developing better CSR ecosystem in India for a decade.)

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