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CSR : Galway Foundation establishes 4 STEM Centres in Chhattisgarh

NEW DELHI: STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) is a teaching method to literate the children through act and understand approach. Students can enact the...

STEM Education: Can Solve India’s Socio-Economic Problem

By Ashutosh Pandit & Rusen Kumar STEM education is a modern day approach and is getting lot of attention throughout the world, especially in developing...

Stem Learning and India CSR to host Roundtable on Science Education...

MUMBAI: Roundtable discussion on CSR for Science and Tech Education for Better India will be held at PHD Chamber of Commerce in New Delhi...

CSR in promotion of science education: What do we really remember?

By Ashutosh Pandit If we look back on our own childhood and the time we spent in school, we often don’t remember the Laws and Theorems...

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