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csr-reuters-LCorporate Social Responsibility, CSR, CSR India, CSR youngsters CSR at one point of time was a compulsary act which had to be undertaken within organizations, institutions and other processes.

Corporate Social Responsibility in India, is now a robust and thriving sector and has definitely touched a new high, in the wake of the recent law implemented for Indian corporates as well as foreign investors. The roots of CSR lie in philanthropic activities, which encompasses a long list of activities that can be undertaken in the form of charity, donations relief work et al.

Indian Corporates have largely engaged themselves in the CSR activities, in accordance with the Companies Act 2013. The act will envisage the number to rise significantly in the years to come. However, today the awareness is not just restricted to the indian and foreig companies but is also being increasingly adopted by the Indian youth and the layman. While the number of CSR initiatives was fairly low before the Companies Act was adopted, the number has already risen to a growth of

The roots of CSR lie in philanthropic activities, as the concept of CSR has evolved and now encompasses all related concepts but studies have shown, that one of the most remarkable activities are eradication of hunger and poverty, which also tops the list of the activities that fall under the list of approved philanthropic activities. With the influence of Global activities and with communities becoming more active and consciously demanding, there appears to be a discernible trend, that while CSR remains largely restricted to community development, it is also in the meantime; getting more strategic in nature. It is also globally observed that the notion of CSR and sustainability seems to be converging towards the betterment of the human lives via social welfare. The need for eradication of hunger is not only driven by the Companies Act against CSR initiatives, but is exceedingly being adopted by the youngster.

The masses are increasingly acquainting themselves with the notion of feeding another human being, our fellow men for the upliftment of mankind and social welfare in general. Poverty and hunger is one of the major causes that categorize India still, under the category of a ‘developing’ nation. Therefore, on a national as well as global front, Indian masses are embracing the urge to feed and boost the human conditions through the sanctity of food. As the famous saying goes, “There is no Religion that binds our Nation together, It is food and Poverty.”
Youngsters today are an influential segment of the society and contribute to the overall development of the nation. The willingness to support and be a part of the philanthropic activities is gaining momentum and active participation. It is the youth who is today contributing to the change and their belief that the nation deserves a redressal can be seen by their actions.

The highest working population which comprises of an age group between 23- 40 years is showing their willingness and enthusiasm to support a strong cause by aiding imprortant social casues and organizations. The voluntary involvement of the youth is hinting at a brighter and a better tomorrow.

CSR at one point of time was a compulsary act which had to be undertaken within organizations, institutions and other processes. However, with changing times Individual Social Responsibility seems to be growing at a massive rate as people at their level realize and understand the need to create a better ecosystem by leveraging the existing hindrances within the society. These obstacles are in the form of education, poverty, unemployment, malnutrition, corruption etc.

Youngsters who are also the agents of change today take pride in associating themselves with social welfare organizations and NGO’s in order to being about the desired change in the society. Their conception of life has completely changed and they wish to bring out that reflection of change amongst others also.

By Sanjay Tikku, Director, Iskcon Food Relief Foundation


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