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Voltas Water Solutions combines Smart Engineering with Smart Science

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MUMBAI: Voltas Water (Voltas Water ATM) launched this year in January is a new innovation in the filed of water purification making drinking water safe and affordable and fulfills the requirement of growing water and wastewater treatment needs of the country. Voltas Wate is working towards providing clean drinking water to people, safe water for process use in industries, and promoting recycling of wastewater.

The Water ATM serves pure and safe drinking water, at a mere 10-20 paisa per litre, aiming to address the increasing water and wastewater treatment needs of India.

It aslo rolled out a comprehensive standard packaged water and wastewater treatment systems such as packaged RO water purifiers, skid-mounted RO systems, packaged sewage treatment plants and others.

The Water ATM can be put in place by a local entrepreneur or through a sponsorship model, and the low operating cost makes it a self-sustainable model.

As per the information available in Voltas Water website, with its distinctive features – 8 stages of filtration including reverse osmosis, and reduction of bacteria and virus by 99.99% – Voltas Water ATM is a safe, durable and secure source of purified drinking water for communities and public places.

It aims to relieve men and women from spending hours daily in fetching water, often from ground-water sources that are often contaminated and the origin of water-borne diseases.

Voltas Water has also received 10 pledges from funders such as Tata Trust, Tata Power and GMR, among others; as well as 50 pledges from affected organizations, primarily schools. The pledge is a commitment to contribute to #StandUpForWater by funding Water ATMs, a smart engineered product from Voltas.

Voltas Water is a 50:50 Joint Venture between Voltas Ltd. and Dow Chemical Pacific (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. (a member of the Dow Group of Companies), bringing together Voltas’ ‘smart’ engineering, brand and marketing strengths, and the Dow Group’s advanced water science.

For more detail visit: http://www.voltaswater.com/

Twitter Handle: @VoltasWater

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