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Vedanta Khushi presents you an emotional story of a father who lost a child during an accident. A true story that also shows in a unique way that life sometimes gives you a different way to care about underprivileged children.

This incident is a little old and when I remember and narrate this I can’t stop my tears. We were driving from Delhi to Chandigarh and in between our car met with an accident. In the accident I lost my small daughter. Somehow my wife and son were saved. My wife received serious injuries and doctor advised her complete rest for at least 2 years. The loss of my daughter broke my wife and I could feel the pain of hers more than mine. The difficulty increased when doctor advised not to go in family way anymore as this could lead to serious threat to life of my wife.

Vedanta Khushi StoryI had two thoughts in order to bring my wife back to normal. First was to take a firm decision and decide not to have any more children and be happy with my son. But I realized my son was also missing his little sister and had become quiet. My wife’s and my son’s silence was killing me day and night.

I decided to force my second option to adopt a girl child as soon as possible. I spoke to my wife who cried and did not accept this at any cost. She was ready to live with the memories whole life. After a long discussion, we decided, by adopting a girl child we would be giving a dignified life to this child. This would be the biggest solace we would ever have.

This girl may not be able to replace my daughter’s memories immediately but I was sure, the daughter I lost would come to live in this girl and would slowly overcome our memories.

‘Shano’ is now 8 years old and believe me; ‘Shano’ is as naughty, as natkhat and as troublesome. Oh I forgot to tell you. `Shano’ was the name of my daughter I lost. But I have her today again.

Life gives an opportunity to somehow do good things in life. Just do them, don’t wait for the people to come and advise you.

* The Gentleman has requested to not to disclose his name- we respect it.

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