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It is difficult to meet people who would come forward when their own are suffering. Yaman, Marketing Head, Pune, Vedanta Group wrote about his experience of helping a child in the hospital when his own brother was bleeding. We present his story that spreads the message of Vedanta’s Khushi initiative towards ‘Care for the Under-privileged Children’.

Vedanta Khushi campaign has given a platform to a millions of hearts to come out with their contribution to the society.  There is no doubt the issues that are being mentioned by various people are very serious and they need attention and demand contribution by educated people.

Encouraged by “Khushi”, I would like to mention a small incident that happened while my brother was admitted in Ahmedabad hospital.  He had a cut from glass and his hand was bleeding. Though it was not serious but it was important to stop the blood. Further, it was not a big hospital. I walked upto the doctor and requested him to look after my brother. After seeing the cut, he immediately asked a nurse to put stitching.

When some one your very own passes through a pain, you too experience the similar kind of pain within.  I was feeling as if the cut was in my hand.

While the nurse was putting stitching on my brother’s hand, a villager came running with his daughter whose head was bleeding profusely.  Before I could say anything the nurse left my brother’s hand and started attending the villager’s daughter.  I first felt offended but was later ashamed of my thought.

The girl, who must be about 10 years, had lost a lot of blood, I heard nurse telling the doctor and the girl’s father. The nurse was running to get the blood from their blood bank.  But I felt there was a problem. I tried interrupting her but might be she thought I was asking her to finish my brother’s stitching.  I spoke to the doctor who informed that this girl’s blood group was ‘O negative’ and it’s probably not there in the blood bank.  Doctor further informed that this villager does not know what is his and his wife’s blood group. Though we are testing his blood group, we needed the blood immediately.

I realized my blood group was ‘O negative’ and I offered my help. Immediately all the arrangements were made.  I gave one bottle of my blood. I was and am healthy enough to donate this much.
It was a feeling of pride and contentment.  I felt different that day. There was an unknown satisfaction. 

I am very much with this mission to look after health, education and nutrition of children of India.  It is not always money that is required; a genuine concern in most of the time, enough to serve the purpose.

By the time I was back from blood donation, my brother was smiling and talking to the father of this girl and helping him fill-up a routine form of a hospital.  His stitching had already been done.

I would like to say that before writing this para,  I deleted it many times – “When a cricket match is going on , most of the people who criticize players for not playing good, are the one who had never played in the field.  It is true, playing in the field is different from watching from a bench or on television”.  I think I will be understood.


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