The World Peace Keepers Movement Crosses Half a Million Peacekeepers

Since its foundation by Peacekeeper Huz  in 2011, it has become one of the fastest growing Peace Movements in the world

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MUMBAI: The World Peace Movement crossed a momentous milestone of 5,00,000 Peacekeepers worldwide.  The movement was initiated and lead by the CEO and Trustee of Wockhardt Foundation, Dr. Huzaifa Khorakiwala, also known as Peacekeeper Huz. He is an eminent personality, an inspiring speaker, a brilliant thinker, a prolific writer, a committed social worker and a loving individual.

Dr Huzaifa KhorakiwalaThe World Peacekeepers Movement was started in 2011 and has already become the fastest and most successful global peace movements of recent times with the largest Peacekeeping Army globally. The mission of this significant movement is to spread peace and to create unity through the formation of world’s largest The World Peace Keeper army.

The Peacekeepers movement is inspired by the enlightening concept of “The World Peace Triangle” consisting of 21 Peace Gems and representing its intellectual depth, its emotional appeal, and its practical realism. The mission of this movement is to embrace and encourage Inner Peace within an individual, because “our dual mission of a healthier body and a happier mind keeps us fully energised and engrossed to serve with selflessness and be a beacon of hope to humanity”- explains Peacekeeper Huz.

The Inner Peace is based on seven human values namely gratitude, forgiveness, love, humility, giving, patience, and truth. Each human value represents one day of the week. The peace movement is designed to embrace the ‘Inner Peace’ as the Inner Peace is the foundation of the world peace. Peacekeeper Huz believes that ‘if our mind rests in peace only then can we spread peace among others’.

The movement is one of the many initiatives taken by Peacekeeper Huz to fulfil his dream to serve the humanity and to spread world peace. Since his childhood, Peacekeeper Huz has been spiritually motivated and acquired his vast knowledge of several religious and philosophical scriptures of various religions. The inspirational workshop, known as “The Peace Candle Workshop”, was also started by him to achieve inner peace.

Peacekeeper Huz is an avid philanthropist, a successful executive and a well-known figure in the global pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. His inspirational books and speeches have motivated thousands of people to achieve Inner Peace. Peacekeeper Huz holds a MBA degree from the prestigious Yale University in USA and has won several Awards for his professional achievements and social works. Being the Trustee and CEO of one of India’s leading NGOs, Wockhardt foundation, he does not only professionally and profoundly execute his heavy responsibilities but always finds time for his social cause. The main goals of his life is to improve the quality of life of deprived people, to take care of his family, and to practice the seven human values and  to spread them amongst humanity.

The movement targets to outnumber the “The People’s Liberation Army” of China by increasing the number of Peacekeepers to three millions, and to become the largest peace force of its kind in the world.

Overwhelmed by the number of newly joined Peacekeepers, Peacekeeper Huz greeted, “I am grateful to all the Peacekeepers who have joined the army. The world needs a strong and committed Peacekeeping army; not just for peacekeeping but also to create and maintain the global unity because we are the strongest when united.’’ Peacekeeper Huz invited everyone to join his army and to stand shoulder to shoulder towards creating a peaceful and beautiful world.

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