Tata’s Coastal Gujarat Power Ltd starts Waste Segregation Centre in a Village of Gujarat

India CSR News Network

MUNDRA (Gujarat): Tata Power, India’s largest integrated power company, through its 100 percent subsidiary, Coastal Gujarat Power Ltd. (CGPL), has always been at the forefront towards the improvement of the standard of living for its communities through Rural Solid Waste Management Programme. In line with this commitment, CGPL along with Sahjeevan NGO has installed yet another Waste Segregation Centre at Tunda village.

The initiative was inaugurated by J V Desai, Deputy Collector, Mundra (Kutch) in the presence of Kirtibhai Rajgor, Community Leader, Tunda village , Digvijayinh Zala, Sarpanch-Tunda Gram Panchayat.and all other community members of the Panchayat.

The objective of this initiative is to maximize waste recovery through sustainable use of biodegradable waste, recycling of waste thereby aiming to minimize waste disposal onto dump yards and landfills. Improper handling of solid waste and indiscriminate disposal in open spaces, tank beds etc., give rise to numerous potential risks to the environment and to human health. Addressing this issue, CGPL- Tata Power Community Development Trust (TPCDT) has already established 3 segregation centers across villages in proximity. The Rural Solid Waste Management (RSWM) Programme undertaken by the company has a focused strategy which includes – conducting an assessment of the area, training waste management team, raising public awareness and lastly collection and segregation of waste.

Commenting on the initiative, KK Sharma, ED and CEO, CGPL, said, “We at Tata Power, aim to a supportive and healthy environment which is why the well-being of our community is at the heart of our operations. The most obvious environmental damage caused by solid waste is to the aesthetics and ambience of public areas where the waste litters. This program, will bring change in attitudes and behaviors towards importance of managing the waste and create a healthy environment in the community.  We would like to thank our partner Sahjeevan and village panchayats for their continued support to make this initiative a success.”

The Rural Solid Waste Management Programme was launched by CGPL in December 2015 and has already been implemented in 5 villages around CGPL.

With the addition of the waste segregation centers, CGPL has enabled the villages to segregate their waste into wet and dry waste. The wet waste will be used to derive manure. While, dry waste will be sold to recyclers, thereby ensuring that the centers remain self-sufficient. The project, once established, is handed over to the panchayat. who will then ensure its supervision and daily functioning. The Panchayats also receive financial assistance from central and state governments for carrying out sanitation and solid waste management activities thereby supplementing the income generated for the village through this activity. Additionally, the panchayats enrolled under this programme can also apply for funding from schemes like Mahatma Gandhi Swchata Mission. Through this effort CGPL hopes to complement the Government of India’s Clean India Campaign.