Strategic Advice on CSR to Anil Agarwal, Chairman, Vedanta Resources Plc

  • The CSR implementation team should focus on ensuring the delivery of CSR projects most favourably in the villages which are in the nearest vicinity of the plant location which has been providing the maximum raw materials and other resources including natural resources.
  • The team working on CSR projects should ensure proper due diligence of the various laws, rules and regulations currently prevalent in India and the respective state.
  • The strategic planning team should involve all the stakeholders of the society so as to ensure the overall engagement of the various key stakeholders of various domain including CSR domain.
  • The quest for quality should not be lost in the total quest for achieving quantitative milestones at the pre-defined timelines.
  • The Nandghar Projects have seen its implementation at various locations with varied levels of quality and social impact – Standardization, Qualitative focus on minutest variables and key to details should be the key to success.
  • The team implementing the Nandghar project should focus on implementing the program with complete honesty and integrity with highest focus on delivery of quantitative as well as qualitative dimensions to the respective stakeholders.
  • The team should focus their work with self-less interests devoid of any ego at any level including individual/group or organization.
  • The process of strategic planning, implementation and control should be having a technology enabled framework with optimum inclusion of the respective stakeholders.
  • The corporate communications team should maintain conducive relationship with the media entities for ensuring optimum publicity of the good work being done by the group.
  • Facilities to be evolved for employees who should/may like to be contributing to the CSR activities of the organization.
  • The members of the CSR implementation team must be optimally trained about ensuring implementation of a project with an outcome based approach. Outcome based approach is important as the people are only concerned about the end results and not the process.
  • The CSR implementation team should be sensitized about completion of the project is not just completion of the building but is dependent on the success accomplished by the beneficiaries of the project.
  • The CSR projects must be audited for ensuring the optimum utilization of resources, ensuring overall social impact, and for ensuring overall effectiveness and efficiency of the CSR function of the organization.
  • The quality checklists should be prepared and followed for accomplishment of the required levels of qualitative dimensions in the various projects.
  • The CSR implementation team should ensure the periodic submission of the CSR Reports in the pre-approved format and/or template.
  • The CSR project implementation team should ensure that the beneficiaries avail and receive the desired end results and outcomes.
  • The CSR projects should be envisioned and planned keeping in mind the needs and expectations of the probable beneficiaries from the most under privileged sections of the society.
  • The CSR team should plan and implement projects for the most under privileged sections of the society in the remotest locations deprived from various facilities and resources.
  • Vedanta group should adopt a two pronged approach –firstly to ensure optimum utilization of the mandated 2% resources on CSR and secondly to consider increasing the expenditure of CSR from mandate level of 2% to preferably in the range of 8-10%.
  • Vedanta group should make required changes in the Human Resource (HR) policy to motivate the employees to volunteer for the various CSR projects.

(Rusen Kumar/Dr. Rana Singh India CSR Network)

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