Special Welfare Schemes for Coal Belts in India


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The Resettlement and Rehabilitation Policy (R&R Policy) & the Corporate Social Responsibility policy (CSR Policy) of Coal India Limited have been formed to provide employment, basic facilities and for development of affected families. The salient features of the R&R Policy of CIL are given as under:

Land compensation to land oustees is paid as per the provisions of the concerned Act or State Government notification. Solarium and Escalation are paid to land oustees as per provisions of the concerned Act or as imposed by the concerned State Govt.

Employment is provided to land oustees against every two acres of land. All the land losers who are not eligible for employment as above, are entitled to receive monetary compensation in lieu of employment at the rate of Rs.5,00,000/- (Five Lakhs) for each acre of land on pro-rata basis. One time lump sum payment of Rs.3,00,000/-(three lakhs), is paid in lieu of alternate House site, Assistance in designing Shifting Allowance, compensation for construction of cattle shed, Monetary compensation for construction of work shed etc. Each affected displaced family gets a subsistence allowance at the rate of 25 days (Minimum Agricultural Wage) per month for one year.

The coal companies assist the Project Affected People (PAPs) to establish non-farm self-employment through the provision of infrastructure, petty contracts or formation of cooperatives and encourage provisions of Jobs with contractors. Contractors are persuaded to give jobs to eligible PAPs on preferential basis.

Coal companies shift the tribal community as a unit and provide facilities to meet the specific needs of the tribal community that allow them to maintain their unique cultural identity. Tribal affected families are given one time financial assistance of 500 days for loss of customary right or usages of forest produce loss. Tribal affected families resettled out of the district shall be given 25% higher rehabilitation and resettlement benefit.

The coal companies provide at the resettlement site, a school, road with street light, pucca drain, pond dugwell and/or tube well for drinking water supply, community center, place of worship, dispensary, grazing land for cattle and play ground. Similar infrastructural facility, if necessary is extended to the host locality. The community facilities and services are available to all residents of the area, including PAPs and the host population. The approach for operation of community facilities is flexible and all efforts are made to involve the State and local self-Government/ Panchayat for operating the facilities. To achieve this, coal companies pursue with these agencies to ensure the same. The planning of the community facilities and their construction is undertaken in consultation with the affected community.

The salient features of CSR Policy of CIL

The CSR Policy is operational within the radius of 15 Kms of the Project site and areas including headquarters. Further, Board of Directors of subsidiary companies can approve specific cases of CSR Projects beyond mining areas within the respective State. Coal India Limited. Can also execute CSR work which are beyond the jurisdiction of the subsidiary companies.

CSR Policy of CIL aims at sustainable development of the Society supplementing the role of the Govt. in enhancing welfare measures of the society based on the immediate and long term social and environmental consequences of their activities. The fund for the CSR is allocated based on 5% of the retained earnings of previous year subject to minimum of Rs.5/-per tonne of coal production of previous year. Scope of CSR activities includes Infrastructure support, water supply, Health Care, education, environment, Relief of victims and Natural Calamities like Earth Quake, Cyclone, Draught and Flood situation in any part of the country and other development works.

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