Shell opens electric car charging points in UK

NewMotion operates around 30,000 charging points for homes and businesses in the Netherlands, Germany, France and the UK.

Shell that agreed to buy electric vehicle charging firm NewMotion, has opened first electric vehicle recharging points at least 3 gas stations in Britain as a part of the efforts to respond toward zero-emission vehicles.

  • Since the Paris Climate Agreement was agreed on in late 2015, Governments are committing to tougher action on emissions and shareholders are pushing for more long-term plans.

These stations are based in London, Surrey and Derby and 7 more are expected to come by the end of the year.

“Electric vehicles are part of the future of transport and we want to make sure that we offer our customers choice and that they have the option to recharge on one of our forecourts if they want to.”, said Jane Lindsay-Green, future fuels manager of Shell UK.

The CEO for Royal Dutch, Ben van Beurden has said that the company is planning for the day when demand for oil starts fading as major economies move away from oil and increasingly turn to electric-powered cars.

Shell says the UK is the first country in which its recharging service will be available.

The company is working with London transport authorities as the city seeks to remove gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles from its streets by 2050.

“The step further is whether they start to see themselves as an energy services company, optimizing the multiple sources and uses of energy in homes, offices, factories, communities, etc.,” he said, adding that the NewMotion acquisition would fit into this area.