Self Help Group Make Dangi Tribal Women Self – reliant

Apna Bakery – A Self Help Group Enterprise of Nadak Khadi, Ahwa, Gujarat

The Nagli Processing Unit was formally Inaugurated on 19th December 2018 by Mrs. Sandra Shroff – Vice Chairman, UPL Limited.

Finger Millet traditionally known as Nagli is the staple crop of this region Dang, Gujarat. Due to changing pattern in Dang district the produce of Nagli has been decreased day by day which was the major crop and potential source of Nutrition. Retaining the nutritional value of the main crop the Self Help Group women started a local business of baking and selling nagli cookies.

The success was not without the initial lap of struggle. They started baking in small quantities after sever trial and errors they gain perfection in the produce but due to poor infrastructure and erratic electricity supply the production was disrupted. Considering the problem UPL Limited supported the SHG members in renovating their building and provided necessary infrastructural support to restart their enterprise today known as Nagli Processing Unit.

With this intervention the SHG women have overcome the challenges and evolved into confident entrepreneurs. The SHG women have started producing Nagli Products throughout the year and receive job order on regular basis. Initially started with cookies, but now they have started producing variety of products like; Toast, Butter, Bread/Paav, Nagli Papad, Ladoo etc.

These women representing 10 household – working together has resulted in an improved economic status of the SHG member.