SayTrees converting dump yards and unused land to forest in the city.

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BANGALORE: Raising an alarm every now and then in order to catch hold of what’s slipping away, SayTrees is carving a niche in helping construct our environment in the best way possible. Sensibility, awareness and proper implementation is what fetches them success at every planned event, activity or drive initiated by them.

This is about a recent account of SayTrees, NGO founded by Kapil Sharma, where the organization joined hands to convert non- functioning lands into a trail of green cover. The unit is always keen to spot places like that so that they can extract the best out of it and moreover, what’s better than a forest cover? After all, they serve like a lifelong asset. SayTrees has a set plan and procedures to have their any task completed. Protocols, different ideas and a full proof assessment is a part of it and it is when everything falls in place that they announce a final memorandum.

They begin with looking out for the places that can serve as a perfect spot to plant saplings. This is a sheer necessity of the project in order to deliver best outcomes. The process begins in January and lasts till May. By the month of May, the places are finalized and the structured pattern of implementing efforts begins. Some of the spots being dump yards and unused land provide an extension to the approach and expansion to the plan. To grab such places, SayTrees takes some obligatory steps so that the legitimacy of the task is ensured.  Also, to add up to the clarity of the initiative, they seek the permission of the government authorities. It not only cuts off any further impedance but also adds to the shielding of their objective as well as life of the project.

Change requires efforts plus a changed pattern of thoughts, innovation and ideas. Gone are the days of imitation or replicating what is already there with a peculiar methodology. In this era of limited resources, spotting and fixating the barren, unused and abandoned land into something resourceful like forest cover is a deed to cherish in coming years. SayTrees owns this entire analogy making it competent enough to ‘construct forests out of nowhere’ and moreover, that is the idea of the whole plot we are talking about, here. Making best use of what is already available or is on a verge of getting endangered is the need of the hour and it is fairly being guarded by the organization. Pretty much like ‘Environment Protection’ in disguise, right?

After maintaining compliance, the unit deploys JCBs to clear the land off the waste dumped on it over the years. To add to the efficiency, sometimes four to five JCBs are directed to work which also do the pits. Basically, pits are done post cleaning of the land.

Funds. Who funds SayTrees to deliver what they’ve thought of?

The organization has a startling network with the corporate that are always willing to serve as a helping hand for them so that there are minimal interruptions in this process of productive change. These projects are assisted by the corporate under their CSR initiative. Thus, making it an all round healthy collaborative process.

Recently converted lands include Nayandhalli Railway Station and Yeshwantpur comprising of 350 and 500 volunteers respectively, hence, making it a successful tree plantation drive. The clinical requirement of any NGO is the connection with the masses. SayTrees is able to attract people from almost every age group in all of its plantation drives.  Accommodation of land with saplings is followed by days of tender care and protection undertaken by them and its confidants.  Maintaining an undistributed preservation to all the lands it has taken responsibility of; this NGO is definitely reflecting its integrity in this area of concern. Plantation drives bring along with them a feeling of satisfaction, joy and innumerable environmental perks including balanced hydrological cycle and acceleration of ground water table.  Latter two referring to the two sinking boats, tree plantation adds sail to.

Tree plantation in India is a matter of involvement since the country is already less on its static green species. NGO like SayTrees is definitely proving its metal and providing mother Earth long lost longing. So, let -us all plant, protect and “SayTrees”.



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