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NEW DELHI: Safewater addresses the economic scarcity of water by providing all-inclusive, customizable solutions for universal access to drinking water using advanced materials. Based on indigenously developed nanomaterials, these solutions remove chemical and biological contaminants from water. They do not require electricity to run, are environmentally friendly and do not waste water.

They can be customized to different sizes and flow rates to suite the specific needs of the community.  They are compact and are easy to maintain. The nanomaterials used by Safewater are long lasting and do not leach contaminants when they reach end-of-life.

Safewater’s solutions targeting removal of arsenic, iron and microbes have been deployed widely in a variety of configurations. The smallest of these units is a small 15 liter domestic unit that can be distributed to individual households in rural communities. Slightly larger storage type units (600l capacity) can be deployed in schools and small communities. The company also makes systems that can be connected to hand pump units. Larger storage type systems and distributed water treatment systems to suite high flow-rates and volumes are provided by Safewater to cater to the larger communities.

Recently, the company also launched its Water ATMs that can not only provide clean drinking water but also create local employment. All these solutions have been widely deployed and used in several parts of rural India. So far, these solutions have impacted the lives of more than 150,000 people in rural India. A significant number of those impacted  – 68,800 of them –  are school-going children. The company is looking for corporate CSR and NGO partners to expand its reach in rural communities and address their critical need for safe drinking water.

Safewater is a portfolio company of Nanoholdings (nH2) and has operations in Chennai, Mumbai and Singapore.

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