Real Estate is moving towards creating a reliable and sustainable future


Sustainability is a major aspect in the growing environmental concerns.

By Manish Bansal

Talking about the real estate, uPVC is the new age window manufacturing technology in India which is an eco-friendly alternative for wooden windows and saves a lot of money apart from being environment friendly. Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) is a popular choice among modern architects & designers, builders and users across different parts of India.

Windows are those essential parts of our homes and offices which allow natural light, natural breeze and also checks noise pollution. But, have you ever thought which type of windows that allow natural light and breeze and avoids noise and dust? These are uPVC windows. This material scores high above its traditional counterparts because of its high-quality surface-finish, soft-contoured profiles and most importantly its contribution in creating an eco-friendly environment.

Window MagicThe physical and chemical properties of uPVC make it a sustainable material for the customers. The products can be reshaped and recycled into other useful products at high temperatures. The waste material produced during manufacturing can be reprocessed.

A survey suggests that 99% of the uPVC used by processors goes into a finished product.

Be it a choice of residential property or a commercial building, wood as a mainstay for windows and doors is taking a backseat for buyers. They consider strength, life and aesthetics as the main parameters while making a choice, thereby paving a way to better and greener materials available in the market.

The energy used for extrusion process is relatively low compared to other materials. uPVC does not conduct heat and therefore it does not transfer temperature from inside to outside or vice versa.

Almost 70% of heat is gained or lost is through standard windows. It is energy efficient too as it provides you natural light throughout the day. It also helps to block sunlight and maintain the normal temperature inside your home or office. A house or an office fully equipped with uPVC helps you in saving upto 20% of the total electricity cost. Real Estate is moving towards creating a reliable and sustainable future.

Manish Bansal is the Managing Director, Window Magic India.At Window Magic, our philosophy is to constantly, continually improve and innovate. At Window Magic we keep a positive impact on the communities we touch providing superior, efficient products and services which meet the ever-changing needs for both our current and prospective clients, while continuing to strive for the highest professional excellence in the delivery of those products and services.

About the Author: Manish Bansal is the Managing Director, Window Magic India. 

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