R K Marble redefining hospitality goals

India is a country with the ideology of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam imbibed in its people. The rich heritage and teachings of our culture are exhibited in our demeanour where we treat the world as a big global family.

The virtues of Athithi Devo Bhava are splendidly conveyed in each and every respectful gesture that Indians possess towards their guests. Truly, Guests are Gods in India and the greeting of Khamma Ghani Sa in the flavours of Rajasthan exudes the same.

It is not an easy task to cater to every one of your guests but The Hospitality Department of R K Marble, takes this Herculean task very sincerely and takes pride in their meticulous record of taking care of their guests. The department upholds the age-old tradition of making guests feel at home in highest of regards.

Vivek Soni, Manager, Department of Hospitality, R K Marble, says, “At R K Marble, we promise to deliver quality. It’s our department’s job to lend the first impression of this quality that we promise of. We value our guests and their comforts eminently. We understand that, a well-rested mind and a well-fed body has its potential at the maximum and it is our job to cater to it. Our job starts even before the arrival of our guests but doesn’t end with their departure. The time they spend with us makes them a part of the R K family and when it comes to family, no one gets left behind or forgotten.”

When asked how they appease each of their guests, Soni reveals- “See, it is all very simple if, first of all, your efforts are sincere and your heart at a good place. But that’s not always what it takes. We know tradition is one thing that strengthens our conviviality, but it took the Midas touch of technology to perfect our skills. We own exclusive machines to combat the daily dirt and grime and keep everything squeaky clean.

Moreover, every time we entertain a delegation, we generate a catalogue of their preferences, their likes and dislikes and update these in our systems for future use. We focus immensely on interacting with guests to personalise their experience with us. This way the team is always better prepared to serve the same guests even better the next time.”

With top-of- its-class machinery at front against the debris, a clean hygienic premises and unparalleled services, it is not curious that R K Group has an infallible reputation when it comes to their hospitality. We asked Soni how much of a burden this puts on his team, he replies amicably, “Catering to people’s needs and taking care of their requirements and making them feel like the utmost priorities that they are to us, isn’t possible if we think of this as a job because jobs tend to lose their charm rapidly. At R K Marble, it is drilled in each of our minds that our guests are not just delegates but an extension of our family. All we do is make sure that what we feel is conveyed in a perfect blend of tradition and technology such that to our guests R K Marble is all about Lasting Impressions.”

Naturally, a group as large as R K Marble have to regularly entertain entourage of delegations, clients and potential customers. The team that this process requires has to be best, we asked how Soni manages his team.

“Knowledge about our guests is of paramount importance to us and hence we choose people who excel at communication skills and truly enjoy indulging, serving and entertaining others. Any team is as strong as its weakest member, we choose members who know how to deftly use their strengths to compensate for their weaknesses. Any and all praises that the Department of Hospitality receives is the result of our shared efforts and, therefore, go to the entire team.”

We asked what Soni thinks can be done for the betterment of their services and what will be his one advice to anyone in Corporate Hospitality out of his own experiences with R K Marble, over the years.

He answers, “The scope for improvement is what keeps you growing. When you think you’ve achieved perfection at something, that’s when you stop striving for bigger things in life. We aim to increase our usage of technology in a way that’s not just compatible with global standards of hospitality but in a way that turns out to be exemplary for the rest of the world. As for the advice, at R K Marble, we don’t get satiated easily. Anything good can be always be done better and better things can always be polished to be the best.”