R K Marble proves their mettle once again at FOAID Goa

NEW DELHI: FOAID and the luxury partner, R K Marble, in their joint venture, have launched a chain of exhibitions that aims to bring all the creative minds of the world of architecture under one umbrella.

Design Perspective is an initiative with the thought of providing a shared space that celebrates the creative freedom in the sphere of designing. In the minds of its curators, Design Perspective is the first step towards an innovation led future.

The success of last exhibition held at the port city of Cochin, had inspired the Luxury Partner of Design Perspective, R K Marble, to redouble their efforts and refresh their ideas for the next exhibition at Goa.

Held at the Sunset Lawns, Goa, Design Perspective saw the biggest congregation of architects and designers with unprecedented designs and innovations that aimed to enhance the existing ways of the architectural world.

Executive President to R K Marble, R.K. Gupta, says, “In a chain of exhibitions like Design Perspective, the success of one exhibition generates the attention that you need to not just maintain in the following exhibitions but increase many-fold. As a Luxury Partner, we are aiming to redefine luxury with the help of our technical prowess. We are aiming for sustainable designs that keep up with the exacting demands of our customers.”

What Gupta was talking about was quite visible in the product display show-cased by R K. With marble that weaves tales of a grand life, R K Marble’s display counter was the highlight of the exhibition.

We asked Brand Manager, R K Marble, Vimal Singh Panwar, how important a monumental brand as R K Marble perceives exhibitions like Design Perspective, to which, Panwar replies ”Those who let opportunities decide their fate never see their name under success quotes. R K Marble deems every exhibition as a unique challenge where we have immense pressure to be the best being a monumental brand, like they mention us. Being a Luxury Partner, we have a chance to carve out a space for ourselves and take our brand to, in itself, mean the epitome of luxury.”

As to how they plan to achieve this, Panwar answered “Popularity of a brand is the true measure of its worth amongst its customers. With years of trust, R K Marble has achieved this due to our consistently superlative performance and our vast range of remarkable products. Design Perspective is a medium for us to take this one step higher. The world, today, is a big digital family. And therefore, as a key strategy, we maneuver our Digital Marketing campaigns to revolve around Design Perspective to increase our digital presence.”

We asked Panwar, whether the location of the exhibition has any influence on their designing inspirations, Mr. Panwar replies in an easy-going manner, “Do we let our situations and surroundings inspire us? Well, yes absolutely! Goa is a tourist magnet for national as well as international crowd. The culture there, the crowd, therefore, is different and this definitely influenced the design strategy and the thought process that goes on behind an exhibition. But, one thing that we don’t bargain on is the class that R K Marble represents.”

When Panwar was asked what the goal of every exhibition that they partake in is, he answers, “The opportunity of meeting the giants of the field remains to be an educational experience for the team and we have grown to exploit this facet in every exhibition. Also, with every exhibition we are expanding our wings in the vast skies of digital marketing. We aim to consistently increase our outreach towards our online audience and have an integrated digital marketing strategy. Exhibitions like Design Perspective give us fresh reasons to stay dynamic, versatile and agile.”