Panasonic India celebrates International Women’s Day

Organises workshop for female staff at Panasonic Skill Training Centre in Gharaunda, Haryana

India CSR News Network

GURGAON: Paving the way to celebrate self-dependency amongst Indian women, Panasonic India organised workshops for the female staff at Panasonic Swabhimaan Skill Training Centre located at Gharaunda, Haryana. Celebrating International Women’s Day at the centre the company dedicated the day to the female trainees, trainers and support staff of the centre.

The workshop aimed towards highlighting the importance of women across vocations under the corporate social responsibility initiative of the company, Swabhimaan. Radhika Kalia, Associate Director Corporate Affairs & CSR, Panasonic India was present at the event from the company.

The event also had discussions over topics related to Significance of the Day and Contribution of Indian women in national and international scenario. Matters Related to Challenging Conscious and Unconscious Bias; Call for Gender-Balanced Leadership; Valuing Women and Men’s Contributions Equally were also debated to infuse knowledge and awareness among the trainees.

Speaking about the initiative, Radhika Kalia, Associate Director – Corporate Affairs and CSR said, “Skilling is a vital issue that currently the nation is grappling with. Women of today, stand at the focal point of many societal and developmental aspects. It is extremely vital to ensure that they are self-sufficient and can seamlessly take up on the mantle of providing for a family at their will.”

She added, “Panasonic’s CSR vertical Swabhimaan – empowers women with vocational trainings and ensure opportunities for self-growth. Through sustained efforts we are extremely proud to have transformed 1200 rural youth and women through Skill Trainings with currently 60 enrolled in the program. Now, the onus is upon us to make sure they are aware of their virtue and self-righteous characteristic which enables them to standout in the world in their own right.”

Panasonic India previously penetrated the waters of gender equality by providing sustainable livelihood opportunities in trades such as tailoring, beauty culture in order to empower women under its ‘Shakti’ initiative. With 50% of the youths trained at these centers are females, the company took the responsibility of empowering women force by supporting them to become self-reliant by way of education and vocational training.

Swabhimaan, an initiative by Panasonic India aims at providing livelihood opportunities through skill enhancement and vocational training. The company has set up its Vocational Training Institute in Haryana, in association with Labournet to provide sustenance opportunities through skill enhancement and vocational training. In many cases, mere theoretical school knowledge is unable to impart the essential practical knowledge which is needed to succeed in a professional environment. Higher education in rural districts is hard to look forward for the people, here the role of vocational training can play an important role in the development of an individual’s skill set.

CSR at Panasonic India is perceived as the commitment of businesses to contribute to sustainable development by working with employees, their families, the local community and society at large to provide “A Better Life A, Better World. Panasonic CSR projects are framed keeping in mind the long term impact it will have on the society.

Panasonic India has various other social initiatives through which they continue to uplift the society and encourage women empowerment: AAROGYA- focus on Health of children (0-6 years) and pregnant and lactating women, RATTI CHATTR Program- aims to provide financial assistance to the aspiring engineers pursuing education from different IITs present in the country and Community Engagement programs for senior citizens, rural areas etc.