Our Dream is to Bring Solar Energy to Reach all Strata of Society : Rajat Bothra, Director, Sunfame India


Sunfame India is a venture of East India group. Sunfame India aspires to become one of the leading player in off-grid solar products. In an interview with Rusen Kumar, Editor, India CSR and CSR & COMPETITIVENESS; Rajat Bothra, Director, Sunfame India, speaks about the Solar Products and and how products are sustainable and creating hope for India.

Tell us about Sunfame India and its vision and mission.

Sunfame India is a part of East India Group. We are committed in promoting solar energy for empowerment of communities that are deprived o­ grid connectivity or have partial access to electricity that will lead to inclusive growth in Indian economy.

Our vision is to innovate and promote solar products that will be towards creating H.O.P.E. for holistic development. Our dream is to bring solar energy within reach of all strata of our society.

Further, we work towards removing the dependence on Kerosene (instead of giving healthy light, it slowly kills people) and any other conventional methods (like wood burning) for lighting.

How is H.O.P.E different from HOPE?

Our H.O.P.E is very diff­erent from HOPE. Through all our solar energy products we will be striving towards creating H (Improving Health – eliminating dependence on Kerosene), O (Creating Social and Economic Opportunities), P (enhancing Prosperity – eliminating dependence on non-renewable energy to unlimited source of clean n healthy energy), E (promoting Education).

What makes you passionate about Solar Products?

In our country, there are more than 30,000 non electrified villages and electrified villages face problem of poor or intermittent power supply, power cuts, high uctuation etc. This leads towards poor quality of life of rural as well as urban population.

Solar energy is one of the easily available resource which can help in solving the problem of power scarcity. Solar powered products promote clean and healthy environment (Zero pollution and unlimited source of energy).

Please brief us about your Product Portfolio?

Sunfame India’s product portfolio includes range of innovative with latest technology solar powered lanterns and power packed home lighting solution system.

Does Sunfame India have manufacturing process for solar products in India?

Yes, presently we have set up a testing lab for solar products at our existing venture East India Technology Company. We have capabilities to manufacture innovative and multiple solar powered products in India through our existing sister concerns’ manufacturing setup in Dehradun and Bangalore.

Does Sunfame India have an in-house research & development team or outsourcing from other company?

We have an in-house strong research & development team which constantly keeps on working and upgrading our existing product range, developing new technology, and innovating new solar products.

How important has it been for Government to show such leadership in supporting solar power?

Today, the biggest challenge we are facing is to educate and generate awareness among the people on the cost-bene‑t analysis of solar products. Through Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (‘MNRE’) and Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Ltd. (IREDA), the Indian Government is trying to regulate solar industry and promoting solar powered products through multiple levels of support activities. Indian Government is playing the utmost responsible role in promoting solar energy in India.

How your products are competitive in terms of prices amongst available options in the market?

Our product range o­ers solar powered product (lantern) from Rs. 500-1500 with excellent product quality, durability, innovative with latest technology and reliable after sales service.

Why people need to have Sunfame Solar Lamps in their households?

Sunfame India’s has unwavering commitment for promoting good quality product with clear polices on after sales service at the best price.

Making low cost and easy electricity availability in the rural India, particularly in dense forest areas, is still a challenge for the Government. How do you think the government agencies can take advantage from your products?

It is a challenge for the government and private players operating in this industry. However, with public private partnership, promoting solar products will get huge boost. Further, building networking with Central, State and local level NGOs or civil society organizations, we can generate awareness and promote the solar products. Sunfame India is in discussion with private players for developing e­ffective distribution network and channel across India.

How corporate India can take advantage by promoting “Sunfame Solar Products” under their Corporate Social Responsibility programmes?

First of all, we do not consider our products as only solar powered products. We are promoting green initiatives towards clean and green environment. We believe that we promoting multilevel integrated solar powered environment. To explain this point through example, one of our products “Shiksha” is targeted towards promoting education. Shiksha works for 5-6 hours (after full charge of 8 hours) and gives appropriate white light which is very good for studying. It helps to increase reading hours for students at evening after getting dark in non electrified areas. In effect, we are promoting education and improved health of students through our products. Therefore, Corporate India should look at our solar solutions as harbingers for creating H.O.P.E.

The use of solar energy in India could help to change this problem, in providing a clean, cheap source of electricity for many areas /communities. What are your views?

As I mentioned earlier, Sunfame India’s mission is to eliminate dependence of the people on “Kerosene (EVIL)” for lighting purposes.

Have you been seeing increased interest in alternative energy in recent years due to high fuel prices?

In recent years, we have noticed that with promotion of benefits of alternative / clean energy  through multiple modes of communication platforms, the interest in alternative energy has shown a positive trend.

Sunfame India’s has unwavering commitment for promoting good quality products with clear polices on after sales service at the best price.

(Interview first Published in CSR & COMPETITIVENESS, August 2013 Issue.)  CSR & COMPETITIVENESS is INDIACSR Group Initiative.


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