KARAM Organizes Plantation Drive


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LUCKNOW: KARAM, leading Personal Protective Equipment manufacturer has taken another step towards a better environment through its prolific campaign Plantation Drive. Held all across KARAM’s offices in India and Dubai, it was a significant event, which positively encouraged people to plant more and more trees.

Deforestation is an alarming issue as many forests are chopped down for industrial purposes. What people don’t realize is that trees are fundamental to our existence and with increase of deforestation, this delicate balance held by mother nature would be disrupted. KARAM, through this initiative, effectively made people realize just how important it is for us to restore the “clothes of mother nature”.

Through this remarkable initiative, close to 500 KARAM employees planted around/over 300 tree saplings in Lucknow, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Bangalore, Noida, Mumbai, Ahemdabad, and Sitarganj, KARAM Training Center (Noida) and Dubai. Alongside planting saplings, employees were also educated on tips to nurture plants and hence maintain green environment.

“Our environment is in a precarious situation, with forests slowly vanishing. Soon landslides and collapses will be more rampant in nature, with no trees to hold the soil together. This is our earnest endeavour to maintain the fragile balance of nature before the children of the future grow up seeing greenery only in books. It is time to reclaim the forests back.”, says Ms. Kavita Nigam, General Manager, HR, Publicity and Promotion, KARAM Industries.

The enthusiasm never wavered, as KARAM-ites worked hard under the June sun. Unity in Diversity still remained the core of this even, with employees coming up with creative ways to plant saplings. To inject a healthy sense of kinship and promote hardwork as a path to success, KARAM HRD came up with a small contest amongst employee– “The Greenest and the Cleanest Zone”. While results of the competition would be declared in February 2017, the award ceremony would commence at KARAM’s Annual Day (April 2017). This instils enthusiasm and the urge to win through doing good.

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