JD Institute of Fashion Technology hosted World Environment Day

NEW DELHI: “He that plants trees loves others besides himself”, Above quote by Thomas Fuller, seems to have been written for Deepak Gaur, better known as Tree Man. With a heart full of care and concern for nature, Tree Man has dedicated his life to improving the world around us.

His mission is to plant more trees and spread awareness about environment issues. He has planted lakhs of trees so far. His resolve and enthusiasm, keep getting stronger with each passing day.

On the wonderful occasion of World Environment Day, JD Institute of Fashion Technology has joined hands with the Tree Man to fight increasing pollution levels and to BEAT PLASTIC POLLUTION. The common cause of making the city greener, has brought the two crusaders together. Immensely creative students of the institute, have designed a new eco-friendly costume for the Tree Man that has transformed him as an ECO-WARRIOR.

The costume has been made using organic compositions of vinyl and the purest form of cotton called Kala Cotton which is 100% organic and does not involve use of any chemicals or pesticides, in its production.

The inner layer of the garment, in green and brown, is symbolic of nature. It is shown to be covered by an upper layer of plastic-like coat made of bio-degradable material. It shows how nature has been shrouded in plastic. The message is to rage a battle against the growing menace of plastic pollution by using alternative, zero impact resources. The look is meant to inspire everyone to follow the Go Green initiative.

Eco-Warrior, declared his strategic plans for improving environmental conditions, in association with JD Institute, like “Walk with Tree”, plantation drives, cycling drives, “ No Plastic” and “Zero Waste” movements. Students took a pledge to take this initiative further.