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NEW DELHI: CSR & COMPETITIVENESS is foremost magazine that provides comprehensive information and development in the area of business Sustainability and Responsibility. The magazine is aimed at those who wish to update themselves with recent developments, understand how other organizations are applying the innovative ideas in CSR and Sustainability for competitive advantage. The CSR & COMPETITIVENESS  is designed for high-level decision makers in business, government and nonprofit organizations.

Please download e-copy of old editions of the magazine from

After filling the contact form readers can download the previous issues of magazines free of cost. 

The Magazine gives a scope to debate and discuss several possibilities and provoke some unexpected transformative business solutions leading to a third wave sustainable organization.

IndiaCSR believes digitization plays a crucial role in shaping a healthy information. Information and communication technology  is being used to create, receive and impart information by anyone, at any time and for any purpose. Digital technologies are profoundly affecting social, economic and political landscape worldwide, particularly in new and emerging democratic set up.

csr and competitivenessDigital Media is emerging as powerful media for reaching to the ever increasing information demands of the society. In this way digital facilities enhance freedom of expression and the right to information, and increase the opportunities for participation of the public in decision making processes. The rapid and wide spread of affordable digitization, social media and mobile communications has created new modes of social interaction. This also includes the use of mobile phones for documentation of human rights violations, helping others, finding new ways for better life.

People, civil and non-governmental organizations, corporations, civil servants, politicians, and large state and private-sector bureaucracies are employing technologies and the Internet to enhance communication, improve access to important information, and increase their efficiency, resulting in strengthened democratic processes and more effective governance.

We must realize and redefine the scale and potential of digital  for productivity, organizational restructuring towards wider social and economic good. India can explore and can be more productive and techno-savvy.

In India, the gen next digital spread, particularly the internet and mobile telephony, is making information available instantly at affordable cost, the digital edition of your favorite magazine is in alignment with the times.

Need of Digital medium:

No one’s denying that print isn’t going to be raking in the dollars like it used to, but the medium still has a place in the advertising ecosystem, as evidenced by the billions the industry took in 2014. It’s in vogue for magazine publishers to call themselves content companies or magazine media companies. Since people feel more comfortable with something that has a physical location, IndiaCSR magazine is also available in print.

There’s an ever-proliferating number of ways that consumers are getting news and entertainment, each demanding its own content approach, and often unique content. digitization is the most evolving way of information.

Rusen Kumar,Editor, IndiaCSR said,  “with social media increasingly replacing the home page as a pathway to the news, IndiaCSR is trying to get its content shared as much as possible. People like to share things that make them feel expert, so we are focussing on content that makes them feel smart and updated.”

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