India to get Transformational Leadership University

NEW DELHI: Very soon India will get a Transformational Leadership University. Quantum Activism Village Foundation said that it will establish Quantum Activism Vishwalayam which will fill this huge gap in the educational program for new leaders.

Vishwalayam will have an initial investment of Rs. 100 Crores which will be established over 300 acres of land. Quantum activism promotes the way of societal change through the power of self-transformation and balanced life based on a quantum living concept

The village will provide a model space for experiential learning and living based on the principles and framework of a Quantum Worldview for leaders, especially from the world of Healthcare & Wellness and Business & Economics.

Quantum Activism Vishwalayam will provide a transformative educational experience that integrates science and spirituality in the form of foundational certification courses, Masters and PhD courses.

Quantum Activism teaches professionals and leaders in the science and arts of Right Scientific/Spiritual Thinking, Right Scientific/Spiritual Living and Right Scientific/Spiritual Livelihood

Many people today are recognizing that our leaders need to transform their me-centered way to a me-and-society-centered way. However, there is no educational program available for such training leaders, it said.

Dr. Amit Goswami, Founder, Quantum Activism Movement worldwide said that, “We have finally found permanent home in India which will be a global headquarter for the Center of Quantum Activism. A group of service-minded professionals from India, Argentina, Brazil, North America and Europe who have concurred to this idea have come together to manifest this dream of the universal consciousness.”

Dinesh Kukreja, CEO, Quantum Activism Village Foundation said that, “We are going to establish Quantum Activism Vishwalayam including a community living space with an initial investment of Rs. 100 Crores. The Vishwalayam will be spread over around 300 acres of land which will have facilities for promoting holistic living, be completely self sustained and provide an ambience for transformational teaching & learning for professionals and leaders from different walks of life.”

The educational program aims to inculcate a holistic and transformational system based on the fundamentals of ancient wisdom with the backing of authentic scientific research on quantum science and consciousness.

The Vishwalayam will have a Pyramid Meditation center, Educational hub, Quantum Integrative healthcare, Organic farm, Quantum village, Community kitchen and a Quantum Entrepreneurship development center with an overall objective to help transform the emotionally stressed and meaning and purpose deprived dissatisfied lives of today’s generation, and nurture a new breed of professionals and leaders according to Quantum principles. These professionals will help create a happier and more intelligent and purposeful society.