IIM Lucknow organizes Manfest-Varchasva 2016

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LUCKNOW: Manfest-Varchasva 2016 took place between the 18-20 November 2016. A host of events were organized during the 3 days. The Lucknow City run organized on the 12 and 20 of November and Yajna organized on the 17 and 18 of November were the highlights of the CSR segment of the fest.

Lucknow City Run

One of the most stagnant memories or images of our country have been those of utmost poverty. How often have we seen young children dot the streets, their eyes clinging to any last bit of hope, in search of a home. In a society such as ours, rife with instances of child abuse, exploitation, violence and child labour, it is people like us who need to take the initiative to ensure a better future for our children. Children are the custodians of our future and it is our moral duty to protect them from any sort of harm. It is with this idea that Manfest-Varchasva, the Annual Festival of IIM Lucknow, in association with the Women and Child Development Department, launched the 8th Lucknow City Run. The theme for the event was “Every Child deserves a Home”.

The event was hosted in two phases. The first phase was a kids’ 1-mile marathon which saw a participation of close to 700 kids from across the city on a bright Sunday morning. The winners from both the Junior and Senior categories were felicitated at the end of the event. Phase-2 witnessed the elders and children take on the mantle and run for the bright future, these not so fortunate children well and truly deserve.


Diarrhea, is one of the main causes of children deaths, under the age of 5, in our nation. In fact, it takes away close to 7,60,000 such lives on an annual basis. Second only to Afghanistan, India experiences close to 13% of U5MR deaths, due to diarrhea.

Diarrhea though can be prevented easily enough, through the adoption of effective sanitation measures and the usage of clean, safe and potable water. For the people of a nation trying to rid itself of the grip of third world mediocrity, sanitation unfortunately has been a luxury of sorts. It is with this in mind that Manfest-Varchasva, the annual festival of IIM Lucknow, along with Exponential Interactive had launched Yajna, a case study competition that seeks to test the participants not just on their strategy building prowess but also exposes them to the hardships that come with poverty, in an effort to implement their ideas, as well as build ground for further research.